Managing Grief During The Holidays

GRIEF, an emotion felt from deep within the soul, encompassing the entire self, unpredictable at best, a process that is endless, always emerging when the ‘holiday energy’ overtakes the season.  Grief, a ‘unpleasant friend’ in disguise, yet is as reliable as any given relationship. Continue reading


Baby’s First Christmas & Gift Guide

Magical moments are formed when a baby is born……AND our endless love showers this precious bundle with unlimited presents nearly year round.  As Christmas approaches keeping it simple is especially difficult when baby is no longer the first child, but the fourth.

When siblings already have everything here is a practical guide to ensuring that baby receives a few presents, without unnecessary buying!    
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22 Days of Celebrating With Books

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s so delightful…………And since were snuggled up with BOOKS, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Books are the ‘window’ to the world, beholding the power to evoke a child’s imagination and take them to a far off place.  With their inspirational words and enchanting stories that are capable of arousing heartfelt emotions.

With transferring my passion for books to my children, we shall celebrate this season of ADVENT with twenty-two picture books that incorporate their five senses.     
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Family Traditions And Why They Matter

There is a certain stability when it comes to the routines of life…..AND holiday’s, as special as they are, bring about a warmth of tradition.  With my children being still fairly young I thought the little ways I created magical moments throughout the year went unnoticed.  However, I found out quite quickly, after having a non-traditional Thanksgiving, that my little people were rather disheartened.  Somehow in their world I have unconsciously created an expectation of what a certain holiday should look, taste, smell and be.  
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Adored 365 Devotional (Review + GIVEAWAY)

In a world where the culture is ever-changing like shifting sand, being present in who you are is the one certain entity that keeps the heart strong.  Knowing you are loved, cherished & ADORED is a craved emotion by everyone.  Especially being a young woman with a standard that ultimately leads to life, peace and happiness.

AND……With the generosity of Propeller Consulting, LLC, I am so excited to Review & GIVEAWAY a copy of ADORED 365 to one very LUCKY READER!!!  Continue reading

Twas The Night Before Liftoff (GIVEAWAY)

The most WONDERFUL time of the year is all things Merry and Bright!  What better way to start the holiday season off than with a GIVEAWAY of Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab, Twas The Night Before Liftoff DVD, generously provided by NCircle Entertainment.  It’s a perfect way to engage your child in a little science holiday amusement, and maybe just maybe a few presents can get wrapped……. Continue reading

The Holidays, ‘Gut’ Health, Regularity & Your Family

From time to time we have ALL struggled with ‘GUT’ issues, and of course concerns with our ‘REGULARITY.’  It’s not uncommon for our bodies digestive system to go awry especially when the holidays approach, and we are eating more high-fat, high-sugar foods.  Not to mention endless holiday parties, shopping till our budget says ‘no more,’ and late evenings of community celebrations.  

This is certainly a recipe for sleepless nights, sickness, poor eating and more sugar consumption.  AND……..In the midst of all the festivities how does one keep the body functioning yet still maintain the holiday spirit? Continue reading

What Keeps A Family Healthy?

A topic of utmost concern for most families is OPTIMAL HEALTH.  AND…. As I am so very thankful for a healthy family, others are not as fortunate.  

Especially, this time of year, with pesky ‘germ bugs’ that seem to attack our immune systems leaving us miserable for days or even a week.  Being a momma of four littles, these ‘germs’ do their best to sabotage our ‘immune’ until aggressively counter-attacked.  Trust me I KNOW germs!  

Health, is beyond just germs, it is incorporating daily habits, for an overall ‘WAY OF LIFE.’ Continue reading

Goodbye Summer, Hello Gorgeous Skin

Ode to FALL………Each new season brings a wonderful sense of change!

Crisp cool air, warm sweaters, fireplaces ablaze, and your SKIN needing some much NEEDED attention.  As the temperatures slowly turns cooler, the moisture contained in the air is abundantly less.  AND the epidermis is dramatically affected.  

To keep your skin looking fresh proper cleansing & exfoliation is so important!    

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