Jamestown For What its Worth and All We Learned~Part 1

20841192_10155368875826131_7044504299219147793_nThe sheer pleasure of stepping back in time to a time period that will Never be forgotten.  AND……how could we when this entire nation was shaped, formed and colonized by a persevering people group that would not back down no matter what the extremities of circumstance.  Yet my own two conflicting emotions while walking through the Jamestown Settlement, Grateful and Disheartened.  

Walk with us through the Settlement as we explore what makes this a memorable place to visit, and how to help your children remember one of the most monumental moments in the history of the United States. 
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August Explore Your Imagination **GIVEAWAY**

Imagination is the greatest gift a child has in their possession.  Their ability to create is absolutely limitless.  AND……it is completely unnatural to harness such ability, so let it completely be what it was meant to be, FREE!

Meet Lily, of Lily’s Driftwood Bay, she is a delightful character that you might find yourself watching along with your little one.  The imagination sparked by Lily will keep your ‘little’ pleasantly engaged for hours.

I am pleased to share this Lily’s Driftwood Bay Season 1 DVD Review with you, AND **GIVEAWAY** a copy to one Lucky Reader! (See Details Below)
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‘Getting The Most’ Out of The WOW Summit ’17

“Powered by REAL Moms, REAL Connection, & REAL Motivation which all defines the WOW Summit.”  

It’s hard to believe this coming October 2017 will be my fifth WOW Summit, sponsored by Moms Meet.  AND if anyone deserves a weekend getaway to attend this 2-day conference, its us MOMS!  Without ‘mom guilt’ or judgement year after year I forego my family, and embark on a most needed journey of like-minded Connections, Laughter, Inspiration, Excitement, Learning and Relaxation.  

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Help Me Learn Algebra Review

Understanding the basic concepts of Algebra is the necessary foundation to any higher-level math course.  AND home or school math at the high school level can intimidate even the most experienced math student.  No-Nonsense Algebra created by Math Essentials is a resource designed to help those students who are just beginning algebraic equations, or for those needing a better understanding at mastering the concepts.
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‘Bullying’ Comes in All Forms

To prevent someone from living life peacefully, because of force, power or manipulation, is too ‘overshadow’ how they have been uniquely made.  Never should malicious words, facial expressions, or physical aggression be the defining moment of a situation.  

Yet how often do these ‘silent threats’ go unnoticed by adults, parents, caregivers, teachers, friends and by-standers.  Unlawful as it seems, often times bullying ‘slithers’ it way onto our playgrounds, families, community parks, schools and even our own backyards, going unrecognized! Continue reading

In The Reign Of Terror

“If we are not a ‘careful’ people history is destined to repeat itself.”

My family sat spellbound as we listened to and reviewed Heirloom Audio Productions newest release of the most, In the Reign of Terror.  Never have I heard the story of the French Revolution re-told in such a way that it grips your heart.  The very core of who you are is left with questions as to how such a people could bring themselves to sheer ruin in a sadistic mob-like manner.  Brace yourself as you prepare to listen to the most exciting, engaging and stirring audio drama ever, you will be left speechless!       Continue reading

Phonics Fun DVD **GIVEAWAY**

3590164It’s that time of year again, WELL almost, and dare I say back to school mode.  If your like me I avoid even thinking about school, school supplies, packing lunches, organizing, homeschool curriculum or anything else that would make my brain say summer is over!  So lets pretend the stores have no school supplies, already on the shelves, and have a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY instead!   

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Hidden Dangers of Being in The Shade With A Baby

“Learning from those that make mistakes in parenting is how we truly become a WISER parent.”  A little ‘ lesson’ learned regarding the sun AND shade and my 5 month old.

What I thought would be a great summer family adventure day at the beach, turned out to be a parents worst nightmare.  Never having lived near the ocean before, one truly does not know the power of how the sun’s rays can affect us.    Continue reading


Unmet expectations almost always reveals the depth of a broken relationship.  Miscommunications happen, the inability to ‘lean’ towards the other person, unwilling efforts for a resolution, which forces the distress of the situation to become even greater.  Our ‘human-ness’ is what unites us as a people, yet it is also what causes the most infallible discord.  One must reason with self to forgive, when no apology has been offered.        Continue reading