I Despise It, So My Kids Have No Alternative, But to Hate it?

I AM an INFLUENCER whether I choose to acknowledge the role given or not!

My ‘voice’ is the loudest is my children’s ears……AND MY attitude determines how the world is viewed through the eyes of the little people I raise.   
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Reproacable Customer Service

Providing an ‘above and beyond‘ approach in ALL things customer service related proves that taking care of the customers needs is the highest priority of the business generating a service.  With professional, high quality service, and assistance before, during and after ALWAYS exceeding the customers expectations.

My expectations of a weekend getaway filled with displeasure as to how this resort chose to openly ignore how to PROPERLY accommodate a patron, and other entities that would lower my opinion of Eaglewood Resort & Spa Chicago. Continue reading

Oversocialized Kids

As a family with children who practice ‘home education,’ it always seemingly appears that the central focus from society, is on ‘isolated kids’ versus those that attend a tuition-free school.  Or should I dare say a ‘socialized’ public institution.  

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Radiant Skin Derma~E (Giveaway)

LAZY DAYS of SUMMER delighting in the……..Sounds of ocean waves, Fresh salty air, Warm summer rays, Toes buried deep in sand, and Stretched in both directions endless miles of beach.  So, how does one keep that natural radiant glow of a ‘Sun-Kissed’ look, long after the tan fades, the air chills, and summer becomes a distant memory?   Continue reading

Brinkman Audio Adventures (Review)

22046110_10155493696121131_285691790828315588_nInspirational audio adventures, combined with pure enjoyment of listening to the Brinkman Adventures Season 4 produced by Brinkman Adventures, is one way to find pleasure in road trips of any kind.  With a little engaged, focused and intentional listening your family will ‘come to know’ the world without ever leaving your vehicle or home.             Continue reading

CTC Math (Review)

Mathematics possess ALL the necessary components for everyday life, and the essentials to building a foundation of procedures, operations and properties.  Without mathematics objects that enhance our lives, such as mobile devices, architecture, art, money, engineering, and even sports would cease to exist.

AND…..teaching mathematics to elementary aged children is essential for key building blocks to their future.  Every child has to start somewhere so why not start them off with using an online program, such as CTCMath single membership, and create a successful educational experience.  If you are a homeschooling family you can currently receive 60% off + 6 bonus months, valid until November 15, 2017.   Continue reading

Is Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Hazardous or Healthy?

“When your environment is clean you feel happy, motivated and healthy.” ~L. Akita

HOME, defined as a ‘safe haven,’ our comfort to forego the day’s worries, a place surrounding those we love, and filled with endless memories, laughter and fun.  Home is also a place where we rest our heads and wake to brewing coffee…..YET without realizing our ‘safe haven,’ as we know it, is the underlying reason so many environmental health hazards occur. Continue reading

The Secret of The Hidden Scrolls (Review)

Reading is a favorite pastime of most families, AND what better way to instill a lifetime love of learning than through stories that captivate the imagination.  Good quality books have the power to transport you to another era of time and place, or use the creativity in your mind to let you escape reality for a brief period.  Every reader knows that words have the ability to literally leap off the pages, and become so engaging that it leaves us wanting the story to never end.

That is exactly what happened while reading The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls The Beginning (Book #1) and Race to the Ark (Book #2) published by WorthyKids/Ideals
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