Not So Normal Drive Thru…

Biblical history is well-known for timelines, endless facts and a plethora of information that may be difficult for some people to visualize and keep orderly.  With reviewing Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” ,as part of the Homeschool Review Crew, I conclude that Drive Thru History® is one of the most effective ways to learn historical truths.   Continue reading

Take The Pledge…

In a world where there is an over-abundance of organic foods, supplements, nutritional information, Naturopathic doctors and healthy living books, it is difficult to conceive that others are struggling to merely survive.  I have come to appreciate so many companies, like MegaFood, that are supporting ethical practices and considering the needs of the community around them.  To often we forget that every ‘living soul’ makes up this planet, and we are responsible for being the change we wish to see in the world. Continue reading

Unconventional Kid…

One of those ‘AHHHH’ moments….where you realize your kid is very unconventional from the moment that a playdate with new friends is already in progress.  What comes next is mommy embarrassment, followed by anger, not to forget shame with a big dose of mommy guilt.  Ah, the ‘not so joys’ of parenting! Continue reading

Dino Dan: Dino Go Seek **GIVEAWAY**

A good adventure captures a child from the moment they engage their imagination.  For all the children whose love of dinosaurs goes far beyond their enthusiasm, this Dino Dan: Dino Go Seek DVD will be ideal.  One will certainly feel they are experiencing life with all types of dinosaurs as they pop in and out of each episode.   Continue reading

What Inspires You?

Unexpected inspiration comes in the most unexpected ways, places and forms.  In my mailbox a package awaited.  When it was discovered a most treasured item was inside, a book.  The giver carefully selected a piece of children’s literature that would accompany a unique way to bring life to the story.  What a magical way for one to engage in a beautifully told story of “The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles” written by Michelle Cuevas. Continue reading

Mindfully Speaking…

Conversations are a way for us to communicate the stories of our lives, and express our emotions of how we truly feel about each situation.  As part of the Homeschool Review Crew, my family was able to review Color My Conversation by Northern Speech Services.  This is an amazing social skills resource our family encountered, which teaches the skills of face-to-face conversations.  I am certainly pleased with the positive impact this product has had on my children!
Continue reading

Oh So Soft…

‘Loving the skin your in’ is a statement I find very hard to identify with.

I’ve had such trouble finding the right skin care products that perform well for my skin type, as the texture of my skin has never been smooth, especially in my T-Zone area.  I have also spent a lot of time, money and energy figuring out that my skin was a combination of sensitive and dry.  

Trying new products when I am unsure of the outcome is really hard when my skin is currently settled into a routine.  I was given free samples to try of Derma-E Hydrating Night Creme & Microdermabrasion Scrub in exchange for my honest opinion.  I became curious as to how my skin would react to such products, so I decided to use this skin care over a period of 7 days, my results are below.   Continue reading

Truth Seekers…

The depths of one’s heart knows the truth if one is willing to truly search beyond all logical reason.  As part of the Homeschool Review Crew we were asked to review Shepherd, Potter, Spy–and the Star Namer written by Peggy Consolver – Author.  It is always a delight to engage with a book that fascinates the mind and captures the heart, and this book did just that.  This review will give you a glimpse into a world foreign to most and an understanding of life during Joshua’s time.        Continue reading

Floogals **DVD GIVEAWAY**

Children are full of boundless energy, creativity, and imagination throughout the day, but still have moments when they need down time to collect themselves.  Providing them with high quality entertainment is important for them, as it is for the caregiver.  

~As part of the NCircle Entertainment review team, my family was able to review Floogals-Destination Planet Earth, and GIVEAWAY a copy of the DVD to one lucky reader!  (See Details Below)          Continue reading

Giving Grace…


~In the midst of my life, which on some days feels very overwhelming & often times complicated I forget to give myself grace.  My personality tends to lean towards the organized, highly structured, routine sort of life, and when I feel chaos is swirling all around me, this is when I need to recognize, there is grace for me in that moment.  In the times I forget to give myself grace I am also forgetting to give my children grace, and then the conflict begins to unravel between us.   Continue reading