Mistakes Made In Home Education

Choosing the right path for a child’s education can be difficult, especially when home education is the option.  AND…..Whichever educational journey a family selects know that is comes with a lot of unintentional mistakes along the way.  

Of course there are days I wake up and see a yellow school bus drive by wishing my students could frequent that school building for the day, as well as a paid teacher imparting school concepts helping to alleviate the struggle of ‘I don’t understand.’ 

Yet my reality and the path our family has chosen is a home education environment complete with our fair share of mistakes, plus most days I look forward to being with my children from a relational aspect. Continue reading


Family Rhythms

Each family unique in design, yet interwoven to form a beautiful pattern of genetics, personalities, idiosyncrasies, and character traits.  A rhythm all its own set to a beat only known to the surname of those chosen for that union.  

Private mishaps, successes, along with failures are etched with grace, as only the bearers of this family can tell.  Yet as we journey alongside those closest to us, we open our hearts and extend an invitation for others to glimpse what this rhythm may be.      Continue reading

Homeschool In The Woods: Review

History an exciting time when explorers were discovering new places, colonies were forming, art was a past-time for quiet relaxation of one’s mind, as well as learning to master tasks that required perseverance and patience.  Home School in the Woods Á La Carte products are wonderful resources for enhancing any student’s historical learning experience.

This review focuses on two Á La Carte products: The Jamestown Replica (3D) and The Art of Quilling (3D).  Both individualized projects are a hands-on approach that are uniquely created with focus, patience and careful consideration.       
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A Complete Zoo Adventure

“Education means inspiring someone’s mind, not just filling their head.” ~Katie Lusk

An educational experience is one of the greatest advantages to fully comprehending a complete academic course…….AND no Zoology curriculum is finalized until a field trip to an operating zoo is arranged.

Preschool thru upper elementary will have a better appreciation using The Complete Zoo Adventure by Mary & Gary Parker, as a way to ‘dig a little deeper’ into an exciting field trip. Continue reading

Egg-cellent Easter Resource

Faith-filled fun for little one’s on a day celebrating EASTER.  Reserved for Christians remembering this important time period in the history of Jesus of Nazareth, as well as serving as a reminder that on this Easter Sunday He was raised from the dead.

Using simple teaching tools to communicate very abstract ideas are extremely beneficial for children.  Preschool thru Elementary-aged kids tend to remember sensory stories long-term, and an easy family ritual is created.   
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Home Education, Choices, Challenges & Faith

Educating a child’s mind is the ultimate goal in developing a lifetime love for learning, by means of experiences.  Education is NOT merely grasping concepts forced into the brain, to dissipate shortly after the information has been regurgitated through quick ways of testing.

Our home education journey was a choice originally made so we could continue pursuing our ‘Eclectic/Charlotte Mason’ style of parenting.  With a more relaxed approach to education, world view convictions, and tailoring specific subjects to each child, our homeschooling venture has had many opportunities to pinpoint areas of success and weakness.  Yet through each hardship we have learned to endure, persevere and pursue deep character development found only in our family unit.              
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Magic Stix Markers: Review + GIVEAWAY

“Art is as Natural as Sunshine and as Vital as Nourishment.” ~MaryAnn F. Kohl

ART…..Our families favorite past-time that enriches, inspires, as well as unleashes a quiet soul of pure creativity.  When given the correct resources a masterpiece soon unfolds before the artist’s very eyes, displaying movement and color.   Magic Stix Washable Markers produced by The Pencil Grip, Inc. are unlike any other!  Our ‘go-to’ markers now for all projects, peaceful moments of coloring, as well as fine-tuning details for drawing.  AND……You have the chance to win your very own 24-pack of Magic Stix Markers through this review.   Continue reading

Homeschool Success & Moving

That moment in life when everything becomes uprooted and life drastically changes to a disheveled mess.  Chaos is the new normal, cardboard boxes are to be temporarily the new style of furniture, as well as feeling as if you’ve misplaced everything…….because for the time being life is out of sync.

MOVING, there is no way around it, especially in today’s modern world where hardly anyone lives near their immediate family.  And, home educating families are no exception to the rule.  With two major moves in under three years life became a blur, yet somehow having a home school routine kept the ‘wheels’ moving forward and grounded with a sense of ‘Normal.’ Continue reading

Monthly Cooking Boxes (Kidstir Review)

“By Starting Small, You Can Build the Foundation That Eventually Leads To Confidence in the Kitchen.” ~Anonymous

Growing up was full of kitchen ventures that included simple processed boxed foods and ALL things sweet!  Yet I never really learned to master the art of cooking, nor was I given the confidence to create a recipe or tweak an existing one.  

For me cooking is a LIFE SKILL, as well as an ART FORM that presents itself on a variety of dinnerware……AND children, especially boys, NEED to master this skill before their life journey begins outside of Mom & Dad.         Continue reading

Children Need Cultural Experiences

“Children are born with all the curiosity they will ever need. It will last a lifetime if they are fed upon a daily diet of ideas.” ~ Charlotte Mason

Born naturally curious, children need their minds filled with endless possibilities, presented in a way that leads to a spark of imaginative creativity overflowing.  

Taking advantage of the opportunities surrounding where one lives, works and plays is by far the most beneficial to instill a love for learning, a love for natural wonders, a love for culture, as well as a love for community. AND….Early childhood is where exposure to ‘The Arts’ needs to be cultivated. Without an appreciation for ‘The Arts’ one’s soul is not fully awakened to our natural design. Continue reading