Healthier Me & You…

It seems women are always the first ones to know about the newest products on the market.  We are so bombarded by information that it takes wisdom to be able to sort through it all.  I have found two products that have greatly enhanced my lifestyle & that of my families.  One of the products is Softcup.  I feel this product offers women a clean, protected & safe alternative that allows us to continue living our very busy lifestyles.  Softcup protects for up to 12 hours & we no longer have to worry about toxic shock syndrome or any other harmful chemicals that may cause our bodies to react to.  Its easy to use, much better on the environment & our bodies for that matter.  The other product that I now use is Tricalm.  This product is safe for little kids & big people too.  I have used this product several times already on my little boy who seems to have an allergic reaction to some element in the environment.  Instead of using a product with steroids, I use Tricalm, which is steroid-free and has no side effects.  It takes away the itching, burning & red rash that develops on him.  I am thankful that this product is now part of our families use and hopefully you will discover how much you like it to!  



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