Keeping Our Immune Strong

As a mom I strive hard to keep my kids from contracting sicknesses that tend to linger around this time of year.  I believe strongly that we can help prevent many germs from attacking our immune systems by maintaining a healthy balance in the body.  When the weather starts getting colder I start my regimen of properly caring for my family.  First off starting with strengthening their immune systems.  As a fellow mom ambassador with Moms Meet  my family has had the privilege of trying a product that supports the immune system, for free.  Let me first introduce you to this company GAIA Herbs and the product we were able to benefit from was Gaia kids Bronchial Wellness.  My 8 year old was the first one to display systems of coughing/sneezing/sore throat, which was an indication that there was a germ present in his body.  I provided him with the recommended dose of 1 tsp, 2x’s a day and within 3 days the germ was no longer visibly manifesting.   The positive side to using this bronchial wellness for him aided in support for his respiratory system, promoting healthy mucous membranes and there were no added artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, colors or flavors. The only negative was he did not enjoy the taste, even though it is mixed with honey & lemon.  His taste buds were telling him it was too bitter.  He was able to consume the supplement for two days before giving me his honest feedback of the products taste.  You can always rely on the honesty of child to give positive or negative feedback.  With that said we will try again in the future.

Here are a few more ways to get to know Gaia Herbs:

Suggested use for age 2+, product of Italy, you can track your supplement bottle with the ID # provided on the back of each box , processed to ensure high concentration and absorption, USDA Certified Organic

Key ingredients:  Plantain (supports a healthy inflammatory response in the respiratory tract) Helichrysum essential oil (most potent sources of antioxidants) & Grindelia (supports the respiratory system & assists in normal production and elimination of mucous)

If you would like a sample/coupon to try for yourself go to:





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