Just Breathe….

Home is a simple word that describes our sanctuaries, our safe havens, our places of rest. For myself personally my home is a refuge from all the distractions from the outside world.  I have chosen to keep my home as pure as possible with making smart choices for my family,  but sometimes I can lose my focus as to what tasks are achieved daily and need to recharge my inner-self.

I find it is the little things that keep a home running smoothly and my family healthy. With allergies, allergens, environmental stressors, our furry family members, chemicals that are sprayed within the walls our home the air quality can diminish quickly and become a convoluted mess.  The air we breathe into our lungs help recharge, rejuvenate, and revive us, but the pollutants that are being circulated in the environment have such a negative impact on our bodies.  When breathing in dirty air, we bring air pollutants deep into our lungs, which can cause serious problems or even damage to the respiratory tract.  We spend most of our time indoors, so breathing healthy air where we live, work & play is critical.  Indoor air quality can be very polluted, and since we cannot see air it is hard tell when that air becomes dirty.  Air quality is so important to my family right now, because in the next few months will bringing a new baby into our home and I want to make sure the air we are breathing in is the finest we can provide for a little one still growing!  

The Winix Smart NK 105 system and HR1000 are products that perform:



It has a four stage cleaning system using a 360° All-in-One Filter featuring a hair collecting Pre-filter, Coated DeOdorization (CD) Carbon Filter, 99.97% True HEPA Filter and PlasmaWave® Technology, it controls pet dander & odor, as well as capturing other particles and allergens.  Smart sensors monitor the air quality and adjust the fan speed just in case you forget to set it.  Its sleek elegant design creates a great way to fit into any room of your home and with current technology it has a Winix smart app.

Here is a video that introduces you to the system:





I would love your comments on how you keep your homes pure………thanks for reading!






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