Candid Motherhood Moment…

What is it about these little people, that are called offspring, that know every button to push inside your body to make you want to erupt like Mt. Saint Helens.  Bad days of motherhood happen, even to the best of us, so brace yourself!


I really do like my kids, don’t get me wrong, but somedays if someone offered me enough money I might just take the offer.  My job as a full time stay at home, homeschooling mom, puts me in the middle of being slightly overwhelmed, a little crazy, exhausted most days, overworked, underpaid and wishing I lived overseas so I could have a full-time nanny, cook and housekeeper.

Yesterday, was one of those days that I got out bed thinking everything is going to run smoothly, everybody is going to do just want they need to do and I’m going to feel as if we are accomplishing something great.  Just when I start to think those thoughts, I know I am on a fast track to finding myself in a runaway railcar speeding along the tracks so fast and there is no time to redirect or stop.  Can you believe spelling the word ‘vegetable’ is what caused the day to unravel, like a toddler unraveling toilet paper.  Looking back now it seems rather trivial, but at the moment it is happening I couldn’t yell ‘STOP’ fast enough.  It is always the way the moment is unfolding that makes my emotions come alive, and then my kids know mom has proceeded to derail lets gather forces together, unite and reengage with more energy.  It seems rather absurd now to think I was willing, as my son was, to die on the hill of spelling the word vegetable, but you know we were and that is the real life of being a mom.  Easy, certainly not the word I would ever use to explain what motherhood is like, but I might use head to head combat!

After spending the rest of the day being plagued by mommy guilt and feeling like the world’s worst mom, my son walks into the kitchen looks at me and says “You really are a great mom and I love you.”  It was at that moment I realized that one failed moment with my kids does not outshine all the moments that are beautiful, happy and bright.  Remember there is always tomorrow!


I would love to hear your ‘real life mommy’ moments….



2 thoughts on “Candid Motherhood Moment…

  1. Angela Wezowicz says:

    I love this. this is so real and heartfelt…true to who you are. And Z…how precious! God knows how to bless us in what seems like our overwhelming darkest moments. I love that His mercies are new every morning! 🙂
    Also, I really like the banner to your blog.,.. beautiful pink daisy…very captivating.


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