Toddler Approved…

Feeding my ‘little people’ is one of my hardest jobs as a mom, especially if they are picky in the slightest way!  Discovering creative ways to help my child learn that they can be an independent eater and enjoy a variety of foods is always my goal.  Does this always happen in the ‘real world’ of course not, but I strive to find companies that have created products that are toddler approved, taste great, easy to eat and are completely free of all the ‘hidden stuff.’  


Some Flavor Varieties of Mum-Mums

~I first discovered Baby Mum-Mum on a grocery shopping trip, in which I was perusing the baby aisle looking for something to satisfy my hungry, tired toddler.  My eye caught a very bright, colorful package and immediately I noticed the words ‘No artificial ingredients & preservatives.’  As an avid label reader, I quickened myself to discover what ingredients were inside this colorful box.  Every ingredient listed was pronounceable and made with real food products.  I was quite pleased with the price, purchased 3 boxes of original rice rusks and before we even left the store my toddler had consumed 2 packages.  I would consider this to be a successful shopping experience and now Mum-Mums is a company my family supports.

~You can only imagine how excited I was to encounter Baby Mum-Mum at the Moms Meet 2016 Wow Summit.  I was able to meet the company that my kids have grown to love and learn how this company has products ranging from baby to adult.  As a blogger I had no hesitation when asked to review this product with my family and share my honest opinion.  

~My kids now call these ‘crunchy little surf boards,’  and the Apple & Pumpkin is the most requested flavor in our house.  We are always discovering new ways to eat them, or smash them!

~As a busy family having snacks that are easily transportable are a must, Mum-Mums makes it easy, and my kids are not filling up on an overly processed food.  I highly recommend trying them with your baby/toddler.            



NO ‘hidden stuff’ added to these products

• Fruit Juice Sweetened & No Salt Added
• Certified Gluten Free
• Made without GMO’s
• No Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Nuts
• Perfect for Teething & First Solid Food
• Dissolves Easily, No Mess
• Baked with no Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives
• Conveniently Wrapped 2-Packs
• Light Texture, Great Taste, Oven Baked

Click here to find out where to purchase

Coupon enthusiasts click here


~To learn more about the Want-Want Foods Company, how they got started, their mission, philosophy, values/role in the community, and sustainability with the environment.


I feel strongly about supporting companies like this and making sure that my children have the highest quality food products available!     





Connect With Mum-Mum

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