As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I have access to review a  Yearly Membership subscription for -( ) , which is a division of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  For the last couple of weeks I have perused their website and how it would work most appropriately for my family.  My conclusion is that I would use this website for my preschool aged child, since she is the one that does not have official homeschool curriculum.  It has been exciting to explore the website and fine tune an area that would most benefit her right now.  I chose language arts & math to get started.  

Lets first get started with exploring the website:  


This is the first screen you come to when you join the website.  It is extremely easy manipulating their website, and within a few minutes I felt very comfortable in knowing what I was searching for.  The tab at the top indicates quick links, grades, subjects, planning, resources, videos, media & tutorials.  Each tab is very self-explanatory and I knew immediately where to get started with the preschool tab.


This is primarily an internet based homeschool resource, and depending on which tab you have choosen will determine whether or not you will be printing your lessons.  I choose ‘All About the Alphabet,’ mainly to reinforce the concepts of letter recognition with upper & lowercase letters.  Each day you choose an activity for the ‘letter of the day’ to help them begin to recognize that letter.


Day 1 started at the letter Aa.  I can’t express enough how well the morning went having the activites to choose from already listed, and I just needed to choose which one.  Since she loves to paint already it was so easy engaging her in painting the uppercase & lowercase letter Aa, and letting her have a special time doing ‘school work.’  We will continue to work through each day until completion of day 25.  

I also chose a simple printable math worksheet, ‘Pumpkin Circle Add to 10,’ which will start the critical thinking math skills.  You can find this worksheet under the browse by grade tab, then select prek-k, math, everyday games.  Instructions for play are: You select objects in two different colors one for each player, we choose to use bears/dinosaurs.  Player 1 adds an object to a circle number & then adds another object to another circle number so the total of the two circles will add to 10.  Player 2 does the exact same.  You continue until all circle numbers have been covered and the player with the most covered circles wins.  The worksheet was a little advanced with where she is currently, but reinforcement from myself and siblings, she will have no problem grasping this math concept.  The game itself is very easy to understand and having big sister help made the game more enticing!

My Overall Impression: 

I am usually a little hesitant on joining curriculum based websites for the one factor of having to print so many worksheets.  It was exciting having something new to offer my preschooler, and with this website being so easy to manipulate I just may have to rethink the cost of ink & paper compared to a workbook already printed.  I am quite fond of having access to multiple grade levels and resources all in one place, and with a click of the link I can puruse through different subjects to see which ones will best suit each child.  My preschooler clearly appreciated having a new resource given to her and I know she will look forward to each day to come.  I can honestly say I would recommend giving the a try, you won’t be disappointed!   

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