Love of Learning *Giveaway*

-With being a homeschooling family and having multiple ages it is difficult to always provide what they need developmentally.  When it comes to watching a video it seems that everyone has a strong opinion as to what they would like to view.  As a brand ambassador for NCircleentertainment I was able to review ABC Monsters Rainy day raffle in Capital Castle!  The opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own, and I have in no way been compensated, other than having the pleasure of reviewing this imaginative DVD AND GIVING AWAY a copy of it.  See bottom of post for details.


-Twenty-Six ABC adorable Monsters live within the walls of Capital Castle.  Each unique monster represents a letter of the alphabet, and sometimes these letters go missing.  If this happens then all the letters may be wiped clean from every book in Capital Town!  It is up to Alice, Brian and Cherry Berry to search for the missing letters Q, R, S, T & U in this magical adventure. 

-There was so much enjoyment with my preschooler & 1st grader previewing ABC Monsters.  The highlights for us were the letter recognition, spelling, identifying missing letters and sing-along videos.  My preschooler, who has yet to really identify her letters, was so engaged when the monsters sang the missing letter ABC song.  During the sing along she would participate in the hand motions while creating the letter they had been searching for.  My favorite part was the reinforcement for my 1st grader who occasionally struggles with identifying the missing letter, when there is no prompting of an ABC chart.

The Five Stories Included On This DVD:

  1. Queen Scribble’s Quiz
  2. Rain and Raffles
  3. Sandy Shores
  4. Ticket to Ride
  5. Unique Cycle



-My family found this to be such a delightful video to watch.  Even with the approximate running time of 125 minutes, it will captivate audiences from toddler to early elementary.  There are 5 DVD’s in the ABC Monsters series, including this one, and each DVD is uniquely segmented containing 4/5 letters.  So if your little one is like my girls when they have thoroughly enjoyed watching a film, they will request another.  

-If your unfamiliar with the NCircle company let me express to you that they are committed to providing quality children’s entertainment that builds a strong foundation of early learning skills upon which future educational success can be built.  

There approach to a child’s learning is:

  • Reading readiness
  • Science concepts
  • Problem solving
  • Social skills
  • Environmental awareness


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**One lucky reader will win there very own ABC Monsters Dvd-provided generously by NCircle, open to U.S. Residents only, please no P.O. boxes, contest starts 1/28/17 and runs through 2/4/17, click on the link below** 









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