Fancy on Wednesday…

My inspiration as to living a fully creative life has come out of observing my passionate four-year old.  She has such a zest for life, curious in all its forms, not afraid of risk taking, and on random days of the week she wants to ‘dress to the nines.’  My first reaction to wearing her fancy clothes was an immediate ‘no’.  My thoughts reeled around dirt, food, spills, markers and the everyday stains that somehow find there to way to the strangest parts of my children’s clothing.  The more she continued week after week asking to be  ‘Fancy Nancy,’ as she calls it, the more I realized that this was who she was and dressing up that day made her feel special.


She twirls constantly, walks on her tip toes, glides from one room to the next with an ever present reminder that her dress needs to be swaying back & forth somehow.  This behavior she has created in her little body, all over the dress she is presently wearing.  While observing her wearing her ‘Fancy Nancy’ clothes, I realized within my own soul I too wanted to be fancy on the most random of days.  I began to ask myself these questions, why as an adult do I have to wait for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and parties before I tell myself that its okay to get fancy?  Do I not have the ability in my adult mind to find any day of the week and make that day special?  

Pondering these questions gave me some reassurance that I needed more freedom, like my four-year old.  She doesn’t care if she gets fancy on Wednesday and doesn’t have anywhere to go.  She explores nature to its finest, and lets the trees see that she has come before them prepared to be a princess.  She feels the music more and engages with singing, dancing and lots of twirling.  She truly is my ‘Fancy Nancy.’ 


If you’re wondering if I conditioned her this way, I can honestly tell you that I have not.  Being a stay at home mom provides me too many days of yoga pants, comfy clothes and pajamas, and I am home more than I would like.  In my mind getting fancy on Wednesday never made logical sense until my daughter showed me that you need no reason at all to feel splendid and dress up.  I did try her approach to life, and somehow this little person is right, when I feel inspired on random days I let myself be free and do something fancy.  It may only be a pretty necklace, scarf, make-up or dabbing on essential oils, but it somehow makes my soul come alive.  I feel slightly more feminine and it always helps my brain from sinking too much into routine.  One little girl who has such a hard time containing all the passion inside her has taught me a very important life lesson.        

“You only live once, and to be free is to truly live!”  


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