For The Love Of Math

As a member of the Homeschool Review Crew, I received a 3 month subscription to Times Tables the Fun Way, which are online lessons with animated songs and stories to learn times tables the fun way.  The real critic was my 9-year-old who participated, with me, in reviewing Times Alive and his reaction was pure enjoyment.  He was so excited to complete each lesson and eagerly worked through the program without delay.  What a delight for me to add some reinforcement to our multiplication tables and see his progress come alive!


So many students struggle with learning the multiplication tables, or with memorization in general, that they can become discouraged very quickly.  Having different approaches to compensate for all types of learning styles is a great way to engage students.  Some students flourish with online programs, and with the pictures and stories in each Times Alive lesson it can really boost their confidence. 

This short video explains why City Creek Press created the Times Alive online program, and how in so many ways it is helping students take the struggle out of learning there times tables.  


This is the screen you will utilize after accessing the Times Alive webpage.  The process to login after purchasing a monthly membership or ordering a disk version, which is the same program as the online version, is quite simple.


After logging in you will have access to begin the lesson by typing in your students name.  They will also be able to re-do a lesson if needed and stop when one feels overloaded.  The best part for the student is their progress is recorded and saved when they hit the ‘done’ button.  

The program takes you on a journey starting with King Zero and moving you through to the Nifty Nines.  In between each number there are stories, songs, games and a post test, which reinforces what the student has heard, seen, and calculated.  

My son was very anxious to complete all the levels, and reached his goal within a few days. His knowledge of the multiplication tables already helped tremendously, but there were still answers on his test that were not correct.  This type of reinforcement for his long-term memory is what I found to be the most beneficial, and his progress showed me exactly the areas we still need to master.  Each student is unique as to their ability to progress however fast or slow their brain can retain the information.  Times Alive makes it really easy to go at the pace of the student, and you can go back and play as many songs, games and stories as needed.  Recommendations for this programs usage is 20 minutes a day or 1 session per day, and most students are able to complete the program within a month.      


‘To learn is to grow however that may be.’  It was a pleasure reviewing this online program, and it gave me such insight as to how my son learns, thinks and processes.  His excitement for learning with different approaches keeps the journey fresh!


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