Just Wait…

I often find myself telling my children to just wait, yet I struggle with this as much as they do.  We as Americans have no idea the true meaning of ‘wait,’ nor is this virtue practiced daily in this country.  I feel the reason for this, or lack of, is we have become such a ‘fast food’ society, instant gratification and the mentality is to have it now.  As I approach my 40th week of pregnancy, I find it’s getting harder each day to wait for this baby’s debut.  I am so anxious to be done, for my so-called life to return to a new normal and my body to escape the physical hardships that I experience being pregnant, BUT there is tremendous power in waiting.


People who have developed the sense of waiting, see situations in a way that others have yet to learn.  My grandparents had to possess the ‘spirit of waiting’ for they had such limited resources, and even my parents denied themselves certain pleasures of life to bring about a more fulfilling venture in the end.  My travels abroad have shown me ‘you must wait.’  There are no instant moments overseas, only situations that need constant reworking until the problem is solved.     

(definition of Wait-ing =the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens).  

I feel exactly that ‘waiting for something else to happen.’  This pregnancy has been the hardest one I have experienced so far.  The anxiousness of the first trimester, with the nausea and physical changes of my body adjusting to new life, measured with the end of the 3rd trimester feeling physically spent, worn out & stretched to the max.  Yet each day I ‘wait,’ I have learned so much about myself, I AM NOT VERY GOOD AT WAITING!  I started asking myself why is this?  Asking yourself the why to a particular problem, provides a soul-searching moment, and a way to fix a broken ‘how do I do this better.’

My conclusion unfortunately stems from lack of contentment.  I too have fallen prey to the category of instantaneously.  My own precursor to selfishness is really what I am referring to.  Is the situation for the hardship overwhelming me, am I resisting a teachable moment for growth inside my soul or do I lack the coping skills necessary to make the situation more pleasurable?  Upon answering my own questions I found that I am able to teach my children to do the same, which makes my struggle worth its ‘wait’ in gold.  


“Finding stillness in the moment, and really being present is where the ‘waiting’ becomes a natural ebb and flow of life.”




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