Contagious Generosity…

In a present situation overwhelmed by the generosity of others.  With no regard for being a stranger, yet love being poured out on our family in ways that are unexplainable.  From the moment our little girl made her debut into the world, there has been a continuous support of camaraderie from people in which we have yet to really know.  I am learning the extension of love given out of generous hearts with no thoughts of selfishness existing.

Flowers, edible gift baskets, chocolates and the bountiful meals that soon followed were all given by people celebrating the ‘little soul’ that has been given to this earth for such a time as this.  Then there are the well planned gifts that made there way to our house through different avenues, and the overwhelming diaper fund that was given.  Even a beautiful friend graced us with her presence for a few days, as to enjoy this little life and be a breathing support to my overtired body.

One will never be able to repay the selfless sacrifices by those who choose to bless the family that uprooted everything to follow the calling felt in their hearts.  I am truly humbled that I would be given the opportunity to experience the authentically real character placed in all humans, but only displayed by some.  What a privilege that such a people group exists and my family gets to be apart of it!





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