Exploring Ancient Greece…

Traveling and exploring different cultures is what our family does well.  With being a part of the Homeschool Review Crew, we had the privilege of reviewing Home School in the Woods.  My 4th grade history lover is always optimistic about new ways to approach historical timelines, and with having access to HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece, I have been able to make an ancient world come alive in such creative ways.  Our first stop, Ancient Greece, which has been thus far quite exhilarating!!!  

Lets explore a little of what we have accomplished so far, and help you understand how exciting this program really is.  There will be 25 stops along the way of exploring Ancient Greece.



Each stop will vary in:

  • Creativity 
  • Writing
  • 3-Dimensional Projects
  • Edible Projects
  • Audio Tours
  • Games 
  • Active Participation 


Our first stop was Laying the Foundation part I & Packing for the Trip, in which we created 2 different binders one for the teacher and one for the student.  

  1. The Guidebook will contain the Introduction, Travel Itinerary, 25 Guide Book Text and any extra pages that will be completed later on.  
  2. The Scrapbook of Sights will contain Passport, Suitcase, Snapshot Moments, Greek Weekly, Maps, Postcard Rack and all other projects to be completed over the next several weeks.  

We average 2 stops/lessons per week with completion of all 25 stops in about 12 weeks.  Each family can determine how to approach this program, and can take as much time as needed with each stop.     

The duration of stop #1 has taken the longest amount of time to complete, but then we began to move through the rest of the stops with ease.  Since this program is in pdf format, I can have everything printed & ready for the days we explore Ancient Greece.







Click Here to download a sample of “Project Passport: Ancient Greece” Sample Lesson


Click Here to watch a short video  https://youtu.be/cNGCv44mIdE

Each Passport Project is very informative and there are so many diverse ways to incorporate the students learning style.  Once we completed the first 2 stops, my 4th grader wanted to be certain we were going to complete ALL 25 stops.  He was enjoying the variation of the history knowledge he was acquiring, and completing each small project.  


  • CD $34.95 or Downloadable Version Available $33.95
  • Suggested Grades 3-8th
  • Multiple Student Usage in the Same Family
  • Various Supplies are Needed For Purchasing
  • Printer & Printer Paper a MUST HAVE


This really is a delightful approach to learning history, and a great way to supplement with the curriculum you already are working through.  Even the most reluctant student historian can feel engaged with the projects, games & audio.  When history curriculum really comes alive I believe the student is more apt to retain the information presented, and become excited about the importance of historical timelines. Passport Project of Ancient Greece is one of those rare finds that one can use again with each student that fits into the 3-8th grade range.  With my 4th grade historian you never know what Passport Project we will be completing next……Ancient Egypt, Middle Ages or Renaissance & Reformation.  




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