Creative & Free…

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have .Maya Angelou  

Children in particular have imaginations that take them beyond the confined boundaries of time, space and reality.  To watch a child engaged in imaginary play push past the realm of reality is truly amazing.  They have an ability to see the world in such creative ways, and they are free from  stereotypes learned later on.  Creativity is such a priceless gift given to humans, and to limit it would be to stifle the very essence of one’s soul.

Harnessing such a gift or reviving what may lie dormant, both have unique challenges all their own.  One cannot harness the wind, so can one really harness the creative power inside the human soul?  I believe you can.  Small steps of intentionality can end up being an awakening in one’s heart, mind and body.  Challenging yourself to see beyond what you think your capable of and digging deep into a well of rich possibilities.  Creativity is not about perfection, but letting the soul create in a way that feels free to go beyond the mind.  

By watching my son create a fine art oil pastel painting I realized he possesses a true gift inside himself.  He created a masterpiece that he was proud of, that nourished his soul and escaped the criticism of what the painting was supposed to be.  For myself, and many adults, we struggle with truly letting our soul be free, there are too many limits that stifle us.  Once one starts to nourish what may have been supressed or forgotten, it’s really endless as to where the imagination will go.  Time and again this is true for myself and my children.  We were not created to have our minds be awakened by anything other than our own imaginations.


How does one revive what lies dormant?  Nature is a beautiful place to start.  Man made modernism has not confined the power of how nature thrives.  Parks are overflowing with imaginations that have come alive in the simplistic ways.  So often nature leaves behind its remnant of choice objects for a curious mind to explore.  It’s this curiosity of the soul that empowers one ‘to be and feel free.’  


Unleash oneself in a creative writing class, giving yourself permission to write for an audience of one is very emboldening.  To see your words, thoughts, emotions, ideas & opinions written carefully on paper is powerful.  It was in such a class that my children were given a unique gift all their own, something I had not yet explored with them.  The freedom to write and create an experience, story or moment that possessed their emotion, feeling or idea was priceless and they knew they had awakened part of themselves.


For those its a blank canvas for colors to dance, swirl and come alive.  My own observation with being an amateur artist, is my soul knows the emotions that only colors evoke.  The end result is merely the by-product of the soul engaged in a process all its own.  I have only begun to touch the surface with this one.  There are many forms of being a ‘artist,’ from crayons to acrylics, that one cannot feel intimidated by the masterpiece yet to be created.  Taking simple step by step online art classes has sparked the artist that lives in all of us.



With creativity the possibilities are endless outside the constraints of boundaries. True awareness of your soul is when one realizes and believes that creativity is already possessed.  Observe children who are creative and free and you just might be inspired in the most powerful of ways!


‘Be creative, live creative, feel creative’














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