Solving The Equation…

Grasping math concepts, for some students, can either be an embracing challenge or a discouraging foe.  Choosing the right curriculum in support of helping the student succeed is so critical.  As part of the Homeschool Review Crew, I was given the opportunity to review the Blue Series in Math Mammoth.  I was then able to choose certain subject matter that provided reinforcement for my students who need a little extra help in grasping choice math concepts.  


Come explore with us as my students work through Fractions 1, Fractions 2 & Clock.  Let me first explain how I selected these three components.  My 4th grade student has already completed his mathematic curriculum for the year, yet I felt he still needed more foundational skills in the area of fractions.  The Math Mammoth fraction supplemental worktexts have given him enough terminology and content for a more thorough understanding.  My 1st grade student needed an awareness of the basic techniques of how analog clocks function when telling time.  The Math Mammoth clock supplemental worktext is providing her with such a foundation.


Fractions 1 & 2 Worktext


Beginning Clock Work


Hour Hand Concept

*For a tangible approach to ‘clock work’ I used the clock we had on our wall, it is recommended to have a clock with moving hour/minute hands*


Quick Blue Series Facts:

  • Supplements Other Math Curriculum
  • Remedial Material For Struggling Learners
  • Provides Review Material For Certain Topics
  • Worktexts Are Not Grade Specific
  • Great For Filling In Gaps or Providing Reinforcement
  • Textbook & Workbook Are Combined Into One Text
  • Conceptual Development In A Logical Progression
  • Varied Practice Problems & Word Problems
  • Affordable downloads Or Printed Books 

So what exactly is a worktext?  These worktexts or units are for specific math topics.  Each book includes both the explanation of the concept and varied problems to work through.  Thus, the textbook and workbook are combined into one.

Click Here for a Free Math Placement Test -these tests are to be used as a ‘end of year’ assessment after completing the particular grade or as a diagnostic guide to fill in the students gaps or complete understanding of a topic not yet learned.  

My Final Review Thoughts 

  • Were the concepts in the math worktexts provided by Math Mammoth explained well?  

Yes, I watched my 4th grader improve significantly in his confidence with fraction notions.  He has had a hard time really grasping fraction concepts, and these worktexts have provided more varied practice.

My first grader is currently working through the clock worktext, and is doing quite well. She is starting to understand the concept of hours, minutes and time intervals.  It is well explained on what she is to do for each lesson.

  • Was there a lot of preparation? 

No, the worktexts were easily downloadable.  I chose for my students to have paper to work on, instead of working on the computer, so I printed out each worktext.  The length of time to print out each worktext was about 10 minutes.  Be advised that each worktext can have a significant amount of pages (one of mine had 79 pages), which is a lot of printer ink.  You do have the option of working in Adobe Reader and filling in the answers on the computer if that is easier. 

  • Did I like having the textbook and workbook combined?

Yes, not having two separate books to work through provided easier instruction, and referencing if they needed to go back and relearn a concept.

  • Would I recommend this curriculum?

Yes, my overall impression was a very positive one.  The supplemental worktexts provided enough reinforcement and filled in our math gaps.  Plus, the downloads are inexpensive, which can provide all types of families access to this material.    

Thanks For Exploring With Us!



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