Curious Travelers…

“You’re off to Great places!  Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting, so…Get on your way!  ~~Dr.Seuss~~


There is so much potential in unlocking a child’s curiosity, they just need to be given the right recipe for the opportunity.  As part of the Homeschool Review Crew we were able to review, Colorado~By the Way, which is part of the By the Way Book Series.  What an amazing journey our family went on without ever leaving our bedroom.  Now I have the privilege in bringing to life some of the book highlights for you.


Each book has been uniquely designed from a Biblical world view and brings to life imagery and information in a way that is creatively superb.  The four ‘talking points’ provide such a wonderful way for the intentional flow of conversation between the reader and listener.  The points are informative with facts, integrated with science, geography and history, intentional of God’s message and inspirational of God’s beautiful world!  There will surely be no room for boredom while on your journey.  

Our Book Highlights

  • Alex & Lexi are the two kids that we followed along on their journey through Colorado
  • There are certain pictures hidden throughout the pages so we learned how to sleuth
  • The extra animal facts provided more information for our curious minds
  • We loved how the scriptures were naturally incorporated throughout the pages
  • The ‘real life’ photography made us all feel as if we were actually there
  • My 5-year-old enjoyed seeing the incorporation of the cartoon drawings
  • Attention to detail is what made this book really come alive for us  



Practicing Our Sleuthing Skills


Our Favorite Reading Spot

Our family is very passionate about books, especially ones that will be explored again and again!  If your children are as curious as mine they will want to explore the entire series.  

Other By the Way Books:

  1. Florida’s Treasure Coast ~ Here We Come!
  2. Smoky Mountains ~ Here We Come!
  3. Pennsylvania ~ Here We Come!
  4. Ohio ~ Here We Come!
  5. Washington ~ Here We Come!
  6. Colorado ~ By the Way

**Five of the books, such as Florida, Smoky Mountains, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Washington, all  have educational resources consisting of a poster pack, activity pack and card pack.  Each pack provides additional information relating to the animal life that thrives in that specific state. 

My Final Review Thoughts

  • How would I incorporate this book with a school approach?  

A great way to incorporate these books into your home school studies would be that of a unit study or lap book.  They also pair perfectly with learning about that specific state, or any curriculum that involves geography of the United States.     

  • What are the age recommendations & will the books appeal to all children?

The recommended age is 5-12; my opinion is that anyone with a natural curiosity for life could be presented with these books.  For children younger than 5, supervision would be needed, but the reader could point out colors, objects, facts and of course share the scriptures with them.

  • Would I personally purchase these books?

Absolutely!  There is such a high standard in the quality of this book, through the beautifully displayed photography, hardbound cover and the wonderful presentation of how God designed it all.  I would even say that these books would make a special gift to a blossoming reader.  

Click to ORDER any of the By the Way Books!

Thanks for Exploring with us!


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