Amazingly Feminine…

Contemplating the intensity of a recent birth reflects much about the way women have been designed to handle such forces of nature.  A woman’s body is the essence of spectacular from the moment life has been conceived inside her.  We are creatures with uniquely defined details in body, soul and spirit.  Too often I forget to appreciate and care for the exquisite human that I am.    



Learning to listen to oneself is a practice of intentionality.  Being mindful of what your body, soul or spirit needs at this season is as imperative as breathing air into your lungs.  Without the nurturing of yourself, the full potential you possess is never grasped.  This must be a mindset of daily practice and not just in theory.  


My fourth pregnancy brought me to an awareness of what my body was needing for the continued growth, function and production of life.  Nourishing my physical body was of utmost importance.  All the extra work that is required to healthy eating was quite challenging.  Yet I am so thankful I choose to spend my time in this manner.  Water was my other life force.  My mornings were a sacred drink of pure, unaltered water.  The energy I received after such hydration was always a powerful moment. Much more so than the caffeinated way to falsely energize oneself.  There were also reflective moments throughout the day, so my mind could scan my body for tension, stress or physical ailments.  This was now a beautiful ritual to be embraced.  With nurturing my soul first I was feeling strong & balanced, and equally ready to provide nurture to others.

As the third trimester was drawing to a close and the powerful moments of birth drawing near, my inner femininity was being called upon.  My instincts were sensing the moment would come when the deep life force within would be utilized in every capacity.  AND, it was.  The body was surrendered and life was brought forth out of a body that was deeply nourished.  As I am thankful for the life force within my physical body, I know my body is thankful for the way it was truly cared for!  Be ever mindful of yourself and presently aware of your current needs.


“There is no other way to love others unless you ultimately love yourself first.”








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