Little Learners…

Knowing who my kids are and their personalities really helps in making decisions for their educational growth.  As part of the Homeschool Review Crew we were asked to review Eclectic Foundations.  This is a language arts program with multiple levels A, B, C.  This review will be exploring Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level A.  


-My five-year-old is the real critic, as she is the one that worked hard at learning different ways to grow her reading, writing and language arts skills.  She seemed to enjoy each lesson that we worked through and kept asking if we could do a little more.  With her just turning five some of the material was a little beyond where she is developmentally, but she seemed to understand the material quickly once I gave her an explanation.  We worked on 1 lesson per day, which were short in length, but provided enough material to capture her attention span, keep her focused and let her imagination come alive when we utilized the sensory materials.  Each lesson was about 10-15 minutes in length, with the most enjoyment stemming from the multi-sensory activity.  


Using Playdough To Make The Letter ‘M’


Connecting The ‘M’ Concept

-This curriculum provides all the necessary components for teaching: Phonics, Grammar, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Handwriting, Composition, and Poetry.  The teacher’s guide-book and student workbook are extremely simple and presents the information clearly for the teacher and the student.  The appendix is to accompany the student workbook, as the flashcards are to be color coded and correlate with the parts of speech.  The McGuffy’s Eclectic Primer is not included in the packet, but may be downloaded or purchased separately. 

-Level A is designed to be used with students who are unfamiliar with the alphabet and have not yet mastered learning to read.  Although you may adapt Level A with any student who is a struggling reader or has not been taught phonological awareness.  This level is best utilized during the Kindergarten year, but can be modified to fit the students need.


Quick Facts With Using Eclectic Foundations

  1. 144 Lessons Which Span 36 Weeks, 4 Days Per Week
  2. Answers Are Located Directly On The Teacher’s Guide Lesson Page
  3. Multi-sensory Activities In Learning The Letters
  4. Lessons Are Captivating And Short In Length
  5. Each Program Is Designed To Be For 1 Year
  6. Overall Cost Is Very Low
  7. Downloadable In A PDF. Format Or Purchased Through The Website
  8. There Are 9 Levels Ranging From Level A to Level I


-My overall impression of the Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level A , is a positive one.  There was very little preparation for me ahead of time, which made for a simple working environment.  This curriculum was easy to understand, and basic enough for the student to grasp the concepts being taught.  At times it did not even feel like school, but more play during the multi-sensory activities.

-If you are desiring to use a curriculum with a Biblical worldview, easy to teach and is simply effective then I encourage to give Eclectic Foundations a try.  You might just find that it fits your family quite nicely!


Connect With Eclectic Foundations











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