The Gift…

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” ~Plato

Cherished are the gifts that our children give us.  Some are beautiful and well planned, and others one has to look a little harder to find the beauty.  My daughter who tremendously enjoys giving unplanned gifts surprised me the other day & handed me these.  


My reaction in my thoughts ‘those are just weeds,’ seeing her face made my heart see beyond what the gift was or was not.  True beauty that was generated out of a pure heart, given out of the kindness and unaltered love for another person, her mom.  The surprise, the intentionality, the thoughtfulness and the planning made for a priceless moment shared between her and I.  It was truly a sacred time of learning how to give generously and receive generously.

Without knowing we are in one, we are tested as parents.  Will we react to their hearts with gracious love or will we act out of profound knowledge already possessed.  Finding gracious love often times is forgotten and we mull over practicality.  The gift giver is longing for the overindulgence of affection, knowing the gift has been received with an open heart, open hands and an open soul.  The day I was tested when the ‘weeds’ were presented to me , I chose to accept my daughter’s gift for what it was and not for what it could have been.  Magically the ‘weeds’ were transformed into priceless flowers to be cherished in one’s heart forever.  

‘Without Gracious Love One Cannot Possess True Humanity’   





2 thoughts on “The Gift…

  1. Annette V says:

    i used to present my mother with REAMS of marsh marigolds…and she would just find yet another mason jar to plunk them in and so we all enjoyed them. Still brings back happy memories.


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