A Matter Of The Heart…

Kindness should be a characteristic welling in our soul, longing to be displayed by every human being everywhere.  In actuality we are kinder to strangers than we are to those that surround us daily.  Moments are taken for granted when a smile, simple word or gesture could lift the downcast spirit of another.  I have found one of the hardest characteristics to teach is kindness, yet grieved when someone displays harsh, unpleasant and rude behavior.  


~After observing my children for the last several years, I realized that kindness is not as innate as it should be.  If this characteristic was going to be breed it needed to be intentionally taught. 



Here are a few ways our family is learning to show kindness:

  1. Kindness Tree-the hearts become the leaves & every time a family member is observed displaying an act of kindness they get to write what they did on one of the leaves
  2. Learning to Listen-when someone is talking than those around practice intentional listening, focused attention and no talking
  3. Looking with Intentionality-finding ways in the community to display random acts of kindness, as simple as holding a door for someone, giving flowers or baking something
  4. Kindness Books-reading stories that display the characters showing kindness & than discussing how we can have this type of behavior in ‘real life’ situations



Some Resources On How To Teach Kindness:



Creative Picture Books to Inspire Everyday Acts of Kindness


Kindness is really a matter of the heart, so be the change you wish to see in the world!






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