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To acknowledge the creative artist in you is to acknowledge your soul is alive!  As part of the Homeschool Review Crew we were asked to review Creating a Masterpiece Monthly Plan, which are online fine art lessons.  Sharon Hofer is the professional artist who journeys with you in creating a step by step well planned masterpiece.  This is the most amazing way to learn how to cultivate your inner artist and discover hidden talents within yourself.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to create works of art that are worth framing, and putting on display for everyone to see.

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  • There are so many types of projects to select on the website, from beginner to level 5, that it can be a little overwhelming.  I suggest starting with a beginner project to increase self-awareness, and to gain an understanding of how the lessons flow with Sharon teaching them.  Each video lesson is a ‘go at your own pace,’ so one may need to pause the video several times to create the exact technique to be mastered.  I also recommend upon completion of the project, if the artist is not satisfied with the outcome to try a second attempt.  With being more familiar with the art materials one will see the confidence of the artist improve significantly, and the work of art will turn out completely different.  Remember to enjoy the freedom of having created a masterpiece that is unique to the artist. 
  • The supplies needed will vary depending on the work of art, and from experience it is easier to access the Blick Art Supplies link provided under each project then to find the necessary supplies at an art store or craft center.
  • Beginner projects can be completed in one lesson, whereas level 1-5 projects are 3-4 lessons.


Lessons in Sculpture: The Turtle was the first masterpiece created.  This is a level 1 project and takes almost two weeks to complete, because of drying time in between the lessons.  My 9 year-old was very pleased with the end result of his turtle, and enjoyed the process of working with the art materials needed.



Lessons in Oil Pastels: Winter Cabin is from the beginner masterpieces.  We chose this project as this was my 6 year-olds first experience working with real art supplies, and I wanted her to be successful.  From beginning to end both works of art were carefully created and worthy of framing.


Lessons in Pencil: Sunflower is a level 1 masterpiece.  This project was a little more challenging, as the only supply needed is a #6 pencil.  My son was disappointed in the end result of his artwork, this is why no final picture has been captured.  We will attempt this work of art again and I am convinced he will see a completely different outcome.  

(Some materials are trickier for artists to work with than others, and practicing is the key for a favorable outcome)




Lessons in Watercolor: African Sunset is a beginner masterpiece.  With this project be prepared as watercolors tend to have a ‘mind of their own’, and too much or too little water can be problematic for the artist using them.  Both artists were happy with the end results.


Final Review Thoughts:

  • “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and the project created will not turn out like Sharon’s the professional artist
  • Exposing kids to fine art materials is important for their own personal growth, and can ignite a passion that may or may not have been discovered
  • Choosing multiple projects beforehand is more beneficial and saves time when ordering online from Blick Art
  • One needs to invest in quality art supplies and papers before attempting these works of art
  • Uniqueness is what this online program is really all about, no two projects will ever be the same, nor should they be
  • Age is irrelevant, as children have different abilities, talents, and giftings
  • This is a program that is recommended by our family, with the step by step instructions being easy to follow and one can choose a Monthly Plan or Yearly Plan  


Be Creative, Live Creative, Feel Creative!


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2 thoughts on “Creative Artist…

  1. Sharon Hofer says:

    Oh my goodness! You did a wonderful job on your Winter Cabin and the watercolor! I am so proud of you both and hope to see many more of your projects. 🙂 Sharon Hofer

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