Journey Alongside…

Unleashing the true character built inside a young man is unlocking his potential for real growth through discipleship.  As part of the Homeschool Review Crew we were asked to review Manhood Journey Father’s Starter Kit created by Manhood Journey & City on a Hill Studio.  My husband was able to journey alongside our 9 year-old son during their bedtime routine and create a beautiful ritual of sharing from their hearts.  Come explore with our family and learn why we enjoyed these sacred moments of togetherness in this father son Bible study.

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The Starter Kit Contains

  1. Group Discussion Guide that works with the leader 
  2. One on One Discussion Guide filled with talking points and activities for father & sons 
  3. DVD which includes introductory videos of all six modules
  4. 10 Maprochures to chart the course of your journey
  5. Wise Guys hidden wisdom book written by Kent Evans, co-founder


-Over the course of 5 out of 6 weeks my husband and son journeyed with the module ‘Embarking’, which is the starting point for anyone or group to begin.  Week One orientates you to the five key areas of Biblical manhood: Trust God, Know His Word, Pray Fervently, Build Relationships and Serve Others.  During the course of each week there were talking points for ‘digging a little deeper’, prayer and homework.  What a blessing it was to share in this type of experience with a 9 year-old who is learning what it means to grow in Godliness.  

-Weeks two thru six consisted of: Setting Out On The Journey, Relying On The Compass, Seeking Guidance Along The Way, Encountering Others Along The Journey, and We Have Embarked-Where To Next?

The entire journey is laced with scriptures, Biblical principles, character building questions and activities that encourages the strengthening of the bond between the ‘father and son’.  Even if your only the stepdad, grandfather, coach, small group leader, pastor or friend discipleship of the next generation can be accomplished through a heart to heart connection with the Manhood Journey.

Some Favorites From The One on One Guide

  • Five Vital Principles: 1. Take ownership of the process 2. Be humble, honest and helpful in all your conversations 3. Engage in conversations, not lectures 4. Give attention to learning about your son 5. Apply biblical wisdom to real life
  • The tips included in each week were practical and simple enough to apply to everyday life
  • Each lesson was concise enough to the point, and it was approximately twenty to thirty minutes in length, depending on the discussion 
  • ‘A Word To Dad’ which consists of encouragement for the mentor, specific topics in praying for your son, possible activity and wonderful scriptures that relate to the area of topic 



-To disciple another person and see them reach their full potential is the highest calling that a person can have.  Whether you are journeying with some young men through a small group or having quality one on one interaction, either way the goal of helping them reach their God-given destiny is being achieved.  Discover your Manhood Journey and see where it takes your family!    


Thanks for Reading!



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