Giving Grace…


~In the midst of my life, which on some days feels very overwhelming & often times complicated I forget to give myself grace.  My personality tends to lean towards the organized, highly structured, routine sort of life, and when I feel chaos is swirling all around me, this is when I need to recognize, there is grace for me in that moment.  In the times I forget to give myself grace I am also forgetting to give my children grace, and then the conflict begins to unravel between us.  



~~Without realizing I find myself stuck in a pattern that is only aiming towards the outcome.  Focused on the results or performance of that day.  This pattern is so detrimental to my heart, mind and soul, and in hindsight I can see clearly what I could not see before.  Giving grace to those that surround me daily would change the way their hearts engaged with me and I with them.  Yet why in the moment is all reason lost?  What causes the brain to push ahead and even steam roll the emotions?  I have none answer to give, and yet I wish I had.  It is out of these mistakes and deep reflection that forces me to start anew.  It is only in that moment I must force myself to change the course, breathe deeper and exhale grace!  This is the place I long for my ‘humanness’ to be.  So each day I begin with a fresh perspective, having eyes to see where grace can be applied.  With this I will connect with my children’s hearts.



The simpliest way to perservere is just by giving out grace!





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