Truth Seekers…

The depths of one’s heart knows the truth if one is willing to truly search beyond all logical reason.  As part of the Homeschool Review Crew we were asked to review Shepherd, Potter, Spy–and the Star Namer written by Peggy Consolver – Author.  It is always a delight to engage with a book that fascinates the mind and captures the heart, and this book did just that.  This review will give you a glimpse into a world foreign to most and an understanding of life during Joshua’s time.       



~My 9 year-old and I engaged with this book during our ‘read a loud’ sessions, as reading this on his own was a little too advanced, even though he is a strong reader.  Pronunciation of the names, places and Jewish lifestyle would have distracted him from a continuous flow of reading silently.  For full understanding of this type of literature it is easier if one has a background knowledge of Biblical history or someone who can assist in answering questions, concerns and comments.


~Age recommendations are upper elementary to adult.

~There is also an amazing study guide Digging Deeper Into HIStory that parallels with the story, which consists of: Research Links, Answer Map and a Map Download.  This study guide is available for purchase or there is a sample guide you can access.

~It is difficult to fully summarize this story as the details and creative imagination are far too great.  To really appreciate this novel and all the content it contains one will have to read the story. 


Summary Of The Story:

Meet Keshub a thirteen-year-old boy whom belongs to the people group, the Gibeonites.  He is a shepherd boy defending his flock from lions and bears, loves listening to tales of adventure from the caravanners, turns to spying on the Hebrews when needed, and among his family who yield the best pottery in the land.  His father, Ishtaba, has heard tales of a ‘Star Namer,’ and after hearing how the Hebrews are encountering miracle after miracle, begins to search for the real truth of who this ‘god’ is.  Ishtaba then realizes the land of Gibeon and every living thing in it, will be destroyed by the Hebrews if he does not figure out a plan to save them.  This ultimately leads to making a treaty with Joshua, leader of the Hebrews, to serve them as their slaves.  Keshub will become Joshua’s personal servant and this is where he will be educated as to who the ‘Star Namer’ really is.  His story will also encounter a despicable king’s son and a bully, which in the end he will befriend.  Adventure, danger, and historical fact is what makes this story come alive.            


The author’s inspiration for the writing of this book:


~I highly recommend incorporating this book into your history or Bible curriculum.  Your student will learn so much about the life of Jewish culture as seen through the eyes of Moses and Joshua.  You will also be able to parallel scriptures with references in the book.  This is quite an amazing novel with all of the detail laced throughout.  You will feel as if you lived through quite an adventure when you are done reading!   

Thanks for Reading!


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