Seeing The World In Color…

Unleashing the power of creativity in someone is comparable to giving them a worthwhile gift that will last a lifetime.  As part of the Homeschool Review Crew, my family was able to review Entire Level I, which is an online art program by ArtAchieve.  Seeing the world through various art inspired creations is what makes this program very unique.  Inspired creativity was discovered as my child worked on several art lessons.  Let’s take a look at how ArtAchieve can work for your family.    

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~Some people have a natural ability to become an artist, and others long to express themselves through art, yet need a little guidance in order to achieve what they see and feel inside.  ArtAchieve provides an opportunity for your student to master the art of drawing.  Through clear observations the student learns to make precise lines in a warm-up exercise, followed by a guided drawing from John Hofland.  This has been one of the simplest art programs my child has experienced.

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~My first grader with much enthusiasm completed several drawings from Level I, over a six-week review period, including: The Dragonfly from Ecuador, The Czech Cat, The Haitian Gecko, The Hungarian Insects, The Kitenge Tree Wall Hanging From Tanzania, Four Sons with Four Faces.  The drawings in length were about 30-45 minutes from start to finish, which is the right amount of time for my child’s attention span.  The supplies needed we already had in our supply cabinet, and I really appreciated John encouraging the students to interpret the drawings to reflect their unique style.  We had much success with this program and found it to be most enjoyable.


About the Program:

  • Level I age recommendation is 5 and up, Level II ages 7 and up, Level III ages 9 and up, Level IV ages 10 to adult
  • Relaxation exercises provide the student with learning how to shift their mind into a visual/spatial thought process
  • Begin with Level I-Simple Lines, which will introduce the student to the program
  • After beginning with Level I, there are lesson descriptions for your student to choose the appropriate lessons per grade level
  • Art supplies are simple and can be ordered from Amazon or purchased at a local office supply or art store
  • ‘Quiet’ Music to be used needs to be consistent in volume and tempo, as to keep the students mind focused
  • Length of lessons vary depending on the level, and how long the students takes to complete each drawing
  • Tips for Teachers-Do’s and Don’ts of instructing the art lessons, evaluating the completed art, and dealing with mistakes during a lesson
  • Rules for Drawing-these are found at the beginning of each lesson, and will explain that each piece of art will be different

Cross-Curricular Connections provide several ways to incorporate the art drawings into a ‘whole learning’ approach, with suggestions for geography, literature, science and writing unique to each lesson.  

~If your wanting to see if this program will work for your family there are several kids art lessons that are available for FREE.  

Without taking some kind of risk it is impossible to accomplish one’s dream or goal of seeing greatness achieved.  Creating Art can be that risk!

Be Inspired,


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