What Inspires You?

Unexpected inspiration comes in the most unexpected ways, places and forms.  In my mailbox a package awaited.  When it was discovered a most treasured item was inside, a book.  The giver carefully selected a piece of children’s literature that would accompany a unique way to bring life to the story.  What a magical way for one to engage in a beautifully told story of “The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles” written by Michelle Cuevas.

Upon reading this story we were taken down a path of emotions we felt for the ‘Uncorker,’ love, compassion, happiness, hope & sadness.  The very last bottle he uncorked was for himself, and this is where we uncorked our very own message in a bottle.  Written on our message was encouraging, inspirational and sheer joy that we were thought of in such a special way.


My heart is so thankful that certain people cross your path and when they do they leave behind a little inspiration.  Then their creativity expressed becomes a new level of imagination for the one inspired.  If looking for inspiration it may come just not in the way expected, so keep your eyes open and your heart engaged.

Be inspired beyond all reason, creativity & imagination.

Let nothing hold you back!







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