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Biblical history is well-known for timelines, endless facts and a plethora of information that may be difficult for some people to visualize and keep orderly.  With reviewing Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” ,as part of the Homeschool Review Crew, I conclude that Drive Thru History® is one of the most effective ways to learn historical truths.  



~My family has traveled quite extensively throughout the world and we found this video series to be really exciting in content, creativity and format!  Watching Dave Stotts travel throughout Israel in 18 short 30-minute episodes provided a better understanding for us to see how Jesus of Nazareth really lived.  My family became so enthralled with these episodes that within a three-week time span we had previewed all of them.  With the ages of my children being 9, 7 and 5, I was unsure of how they would process the material presented.  To my amazement they have retained more historical Biblical truth, since each episode was filled with such enthusiasm!  After each episode my 9-year old would look over the study guide questions and orally answer the questions he had previously learned about.  I am certainly pleased with how the writers created this Gospel series and I look forward to purchasing more of their DVD sets.  


Fast Facts:

  • The Gospels include scriptures from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
  • Travel to over 50 ancient sites in Israel
  • 18 episodes are filled with history, archaeology, geography, and art focused solely on the life of Jesus
  • Extremely family friendly and suitable for all ages, although the age recommendations are 5th grade thru adult
  • Study guide provides summary of each episode, discussion questions, scriptures from where the content was referenced, and a side road which reinforces what has been taught previously 
  • The photographs, artwork and pictures displayed throughout the study guide are absolutely stunning
  • Christian Worldview


Click Here to Preview A Free Episode of The Gospels

~Each episode contains so much detail and is a building block to the next one.  The first time viewing the series it might be helpful to watch them in order, especially if these are being presented to a small group, Bible study or as homeschool curriculum.  They really do captivate the imagination as you watch.  

~Reading the passages of scriptures from the study guide beforehand would be quite beneficial to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of ‘The Extraordinary Life of Jesus of Nazareth.’  Jesus was truly a remarkable individual from the beginning of his miraculous birth, very short ministry, unjust death and his pronounced resurrection.  He literally endured so much, yet patiently took the time to provide guidance and training to the disciples, just so the Jews and Gentiles would know there was a savior to end all sin.  

~Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”  is such a compelling and accurate way to bring the Bible to life, that I highly recommend anyone who is new to the faith should encounter this series.     

Taking time to invest in gaining Biblical knowledge is a great way to get to know the man ‘Jesus of Nazareth.’ 

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