Follow Your Heart…

True love is revealing the depths of ones heart to another.  This book review of The Secret Bridge which is part of Lamplighter Publishing, and written by Amy Le Feuvre has a way of expressing the passionate emotions deeply felt in the human heart.  There is a great longing in all of us to be loved and to greatly love, yet to fully understand this force of nature, one must understand ‘Divine Providence’ first.       

Secret Bridge Cover2_zps8hkgjeyb

The Secret Bridge is not only beautiful to hold with its leather-bound cover, but the story inside beautifully portrays a girl, that depicts the very essence of the human spirit.  The words seem to leap off the pages and somehow one can identify with her.  We can understand the struggles she must face, as we ourselves have our own to wrestle with.  This compelling read is a timeless classic that should be given to anyone who is on a journey of discovering there is more to life than themselves.


~Each time I sat down to read this piece of literature I was immediately drawn into the story line of emotions.  Most chapters left me compelled to continue reading and within a week the book was finished.  It has been a long time since I have read a novel that has griped my heart, moved me to tears and left me feeling that life’s journey is never wasted.  There is a purpose for the struggles we all face.

~Age Recommendations: for mature readers tween thru adult 


Story Summary:

~The story begins on a ship bound for England with Bridget Channing and Godfrey Bullingham as passengers.  Bridget being on her own journey, after her father died is making her way towards the only living relative alive, so she thought.  To her dismay she finds that her uncle is no longer living and will be unable to care for her.  Left stranded in London with not a soul to claim her, she is determined to make her own way, that is until she encounters again Godfrey Bullingham a fellow passenger from the ship.  His gestures are extremely caring and kind towards Bridget, but met with quite a lot of resistance on her part.  With a sudden marriage proposal Bridget then finds herself swept up into a world that is full of secrets.  Each secret is hidden deep within her heart.  She must face the journey alone for one full year, until she meets Mr. Jocelyn who challenges her to a depth of looking inward and finding her way towards ‘Acquainting thyself with Him.’  She is compelled to discover ‘Divine Providence’ and as she does her inward focus turns outward.  The secrets are eventually revealed and the love longing in her heart is captured by a ‘savior’ and a sailor!      


~May this book truly inspire all that you are or hope to become.  With the courage Bridget and Godfrey faced to deal with each struggle, may you find the same courage to rise above any challenging circumstance and overcome any fears that lie within.

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