Look For Blessings

Life is quickly passing, and to be fully engaged in your surroundings helps your conscience be ever-present in the moment.  ‘Stopping the world’ so one could take in the pure pleasure of a child’s laughter or to see a little piece of nature in all its wonder or feel the warm rays of the brightest star in the sky, this is what makes living come full circle.  

~On days that I search beyond the ‘normal’ I find blessings hiding in the most unusual places.  It is said that windows are a looking-glass to see the depths of nature.  If I had blinked I may have missed this beautiful, and graceful metamorphic creature visit my homestead.  I knew my little visitor was just passing by, yet the moment was unhurried and briefly time stood still.  Thankful that I stopped long enough to engage my soul.       


~Another hidden blessing was this note I found beside my bedside when I awoke.  I smiled from deep within as my heart-felt the innocence of pure delight.  These little notes serve as a reminder that everyone craves words of blessing spoken over them, and yet we oftentimes forget.     




~Hiding in the maybe not so obvious places are people.  When you find a wonderful connection with someone, hold onto it, cherish it and preserve it.  Whether it is family or someone who has crossed your path, the blessing comes when you open up your heart to a mutual exchange of love shared between.  Look for ways to give generously, without the expectation of anything being returned.              



~Life is full of hidden blessings, it’s up to you to find them in the ordinary   They are intentionally placed throughout the day, yet may not be obvious unless one is fully aware that they do exist.  Be looking & you may just stumble on a blessing that wasn’t expected!






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