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I had no idea when I started homeschooling that I was embarking on a journey that was so complex and complicated all in one.  With the review of Only Passionate Curiosity, which is an online homeschooling course to support those parents who are feeling slightly overwhelmed, I would now describe myself as having become one of these overwhelmed parents.  Come explore with me as to how I found encouragement, strategies and a fresh perspective at homeschooling my kids with the help of Homeschool Rescue.    

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~In this six-week review period I have encountered Module 1 Lessons 1 thru 4 and Module 2.  I have yet to watch 3, 4 and 5.  With feeling slightly overwhelmed myself, as I am now teaching multiple grades, I have taken each course as slow as needed per recommendation of Heather, the owner of Only Passionate Curiosity.  Heather gave me permission in Module 1, Lessons 1 thru 4, to slow down and really focus on where my homeschooling journey has gotten off track.  The homework has given me a better perspective and shown me areas where I am really struggling.  It was really amazing when I answered the questions honestly I started to understand my inward struggle, and how to practically deal with each issue.  


~Sometimes, as in my situation, if the approach to how I am homeschooling is ‘broken’ it is difficult to see how to change unless you are shown a strategy as to ‘how.’  With taking the time to figure out my child’s learning style by having them answer, ‘What is my Child’s Learning Style-Quick Quiz,’ I was able to correct some of my teaching mistakes.  My children are very unique and I discovered that teaching one way may not work for ALL their learning styles.  

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~One of the highlights of Module 1 was Lesson 3 homework.  By practically writing down 10 Things My Child Must Know Before They Graduate and Our Homeschool Mission Statement, it gave me a new focus as to the PURPOSE I am homeschooling.  Seeing our goals written on paper and then displayed so each child can see what we are working on becomes a real motivation for learning.  It also gives the child a little control over their own educational experience.  

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~I also realized that part of my issue was in ‘needing a break’ with feeling overwhelmed and wanting to quit homeschooling altogether.  Again perspective came into play, when Heather, gave me permission to take a break.  In the last year 2 years we have moved twice, had a new baby and my husband became the senior pastor of a church.  That is A LOT for one momma of four kids to deal with.  Yet I thought I needed to continue on, because I didn’t want to fail my children’s education.  I am so thankful that this Module was designed with someone like myself in mind.  

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Facts About Homeschool Rescue:

  • Modules 1 thru 5 consist of 3 to 5 lessons
  • Each lesson contains an audio, downloadable homework, resources & links
  • You can work through the lessons at your own pace 
  • Members-Only Facebook Support Group
  • Student Checklists for assignments, chores, reading lists and notes
  • 8 Different Printable Ultimate Planner styles to choose from
  • Printable Ultimate Planner Day on a Page
  • Printable Ultimate Planner Monthly View
  • Printable 60 Day Course Plan to help you organize each day


Here is an overview of the Course Content

Course Content Homeschool Rescue Updated_zpsj4uuuqgb

**Are You Curious as to How to get Your Homeschool Back on Track Join Heather For a FREE Workshop May 17th or 18th 2017.


~Whether you are new to homeschooling, a veteran or someone who just needs a fresh perspective I highly recommend letting Heather journey alongside you as you work through the Homeschool Rescue.  Just having the encouragement of the Facebook Group shows me I am not alone in my struggles and I can face another day!


Be Encouraged in Your Homeschool Journey!



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