ECO by Naty Review

“Innocence is a language only mother nature teaches.”  ~J. Siderovski


Keeping a baby in their ‘purest’ form is simple when using products made with the finest ingredients and inspired by nature.  Such companies that strive to produce ‘pure’ products are needed in a world that is ever-increasing in harmful practices.  After reviewing several baby care products I am pleased to introduce to you ECO by Naty.  Let me share with you how this company has exceeded my expectations in quality, performance and sustainability practices.        

~With just having a new baby I am constantly searching for products that are free from harsh ingredients, toxins, parabens, GMO’s, hormone disrupters, and sustainable to the environment.  The rule I live by is: ‘If I am not willing to use a product then why should my baby.’  This rule certainly applies to all forms of products applied to the skin, diapers and wipes.  


~For the last several weeks I have been using ECO by Naty Diapers and Naty ECO Sensitive Wipes.  My experiences with using both products were that of a positive one.  The diapers were fitted to my baby in areas that matter most, the ‘bum’ area.  The tabs were strong enough when pressure was applied with pulling them apart and adhering them to the front of the diaper, or reapplying them.  The diaper is so soft it almost feels as if baby is wearing a cloth diaper and there is no ‘plastic’ smell, which I strongly despise.  When baby had a large bowel movement almost all was contained in the leg area, with only a small amount of leakage.  Overall I was pleased with the performance and functionality of these disposable diapers.

Diaper Facts:

  • Unbleached
  • No Latex or TBT (tributyltin)
  • Chlorine & Fragrance Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Naturally Breathable
  • GMO Free Corn
  • Compostable 

Get to Know Naty’s Diapers


~I have very high expectations with the performance of a wipe, as I cannot have a wipe failing me in the middle of a ‘bodily mess’ with baby.  Naty’s wipes outshine all others!  

I was so pleased that each wipe did not rip apart when removed from the packaging, and were thick enough to absorb all ‘bodily liquids’ smoothly.  They also were large enough for my hand to hold and free from fragrance, which I approve of greatly.  

Wipe Facts:

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • GMO Free
  • Thicker & Softer
  • All Fragrance Free, Except for the Lightly Scented 
  • Chlorine Free
  • Unbleached
  • No Parabens or Palates 
  • 6 Different Packages For Your Lifestyle


Get to Know Naty’s Wipes


~Naty’s baby care Toiletry Collection we reviewed consisted of lotion, shampoo, wash & bubble bath.  


~Each of these 4 products are mild, gentle enough to use on baby and derived from biodegradable ingredients.  I really appreciate that there are no natural or artificial fragrances. Just pure, simple products!

  • The lotion felt very smooth, soaked into baby’s skin immediately, and did not feel greasy or watery.  It left baby’s skin nicely moisturized after bath.


  • Both the shampoo, which is tear-free, and wash were gentle enough on baby and caused no allergic reactions.  Neither one contains any parabens or SLS and I am very glad they do not, as I would not use these on baby.  I am also not fond of having smells in baby care products, because I feel products should be as ‘pure’ as possible, and both products are free from any fragrance.



  • My favorite product was the bubble bath, and baby I know enjoyed the bubbles as well.  I used 1 1/2 capfuls of liquid, as I wanted to make sure there were enough bubbles.  Baby had such a great time in her 10 minute bath, the bubbles lasted long enough that her sisters were able to enjoy them as well.  Knowing that this product contains no harsh ingredients makes bath time fun again!



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~Giving baby a great start to life is extremely important to me.  I need to know the products that I am putting on and near her skin.  I am thankful that Naty’s produces such high quality products and I highly recommend trying their products for yourself.  

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