5 Ways To Reduce Baby’s ‘Carbon Footprint’

“The Greatest Threat to Our Planet Is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save It.” ~Robert Swan

Having a baby can be one of the most fulfilling experiences, yet overwhelming with all of the ‘stuff’ that babies need.  After having my fourth baby it was apparently clear that our ‘carbon footprint’ had greatly increased, as did our budget.  I needed to effectively manage the finances, and take into consideration that our ‘waste’ was a large part of the problem.  It has been complexly simple in solving both.


5 Budget Friendly Solutions:

  1. Cloth Diapers
  2. Cloth Wipes
  3. Homemade Baby Food
  4. Consignment Sales
  5. Upcycle Already Purchased Items


~Cloth Diapering can be really daunting if the system you chose is not ‘user friendly.’  Being a family on the go I needed a diaper to perform well with very little error.  I discovered that the Bum Genius system is so easy to use, convenient and functions well ‘under exploding pressure.’  My favorite part is the one time purchase with many uses for months to come!          





~Cloth Wipes were a little trickier to find.  I needed them to perform as well as store-bought, be large enough for my hand to hold, and withstand the test of being washed a few hundred times without falling apart.  Thanks to Amazon I found Buttons Flannel Baby Wipes.  A package of 15 count can last almost 2 days.  These wipes are used in conjunction with Baby Bits Wipes Solution and a wipe warmer that dissolves the solution and keeps the water warm.  



~Homemade Baby Food can be as simple to prepare as making dinner.  If recipes are more your style then finding a great baby food cookbook will help with arranging meals.  I enjoy keeping the prep-work to a minimum with a 3 step approach by preparing 1-ingredient fruits or vegetables at a time.

  1. Cook
  2. Puree
  3. Cool/Serve  

Click Here For 27 Easy DIY Baby Foods  

~Consignment Sales are super friendly on the budget, but BEWARE you can over purchase every time as everything is a ‘good deal.’  Supporting these sales are a great way in keeping the packaging waste low and helping another family in the community.  Oftentimes baby items you normally would purchase in the store are a fraction of the price, and if you over-purchase anything just resell it at the next sale.  

Click Here For Consignment Sale Finder

~Upcycling can be a great way at showing off your creative side, keeps the budget in tact and reduces landfill waste.  Each piece is unique, rich in character and provides stories to share with each generation.

My Favorite Upcycle Pieces: 

~It may take a little extra effort on my part, but my budget and baby’s ‘carbon footprint’ has been reduced significantly.  In a society with an overabundance of everything, being unwilling to change is easier than consciously choosing a higher environmental standard.

Be Conscience, Even If You Make One Change!





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