Motherhood is Messy

Any adventure with a baby is full of guaranteed surprises! So being at a conference was no different.  For the most part there was a continual flow with baby throughout the weekend with no consistent routine or ‘real’ schedule.  She really did do well or maybe my expectations have changed with her being the fourth.  Either way I am thankful I was able to spend some quality time with just her.

~As far as the surprise…..Well that came Friday night at the Mom’s Refreshment, when else would it come, right?  The evening was going as planned, enjoying time away from my ‘real’ life, feeling great, and even wearing a new outfit just for such an occasion.  Then baby decides she is hungry, OK no big deal we have ‘nursed’ hundreds of time in public what could go wrong.  As soon as you think that thought ‘What could go wrong’ brace yourself for the evitable of ‘murphy’s law‘ to prove to be true everytime.  




~The suspense of finding out what happened…….she got done eating & not only did she spit up mostly everything she ate on ME, but it landed perfectly in the area on my pants where it looked as if I had had a major accident.  To make matters worse I was sitting in the front row with hundreds of other women behind me.  

So I had two choices: 1. Wait for everyone else to leave the auditorium or 2. Embrace the messiness of motherhood and choose not to care with how I looked.

~I chose to embrace the situation, which for me is a BIG deal and I have come a long way from when I first started on the journey of Motherhood.  My thinking used to be ‘keep everything in order, always be prepared and not let on that the panic button has been pressed inside,’ and yet this is not TRUE reality of being a mom.  

I realized something for the first time that evening, as I sat there trying to get some refreshment, I did have it all together!  Yes my pants were saturated with liquid, and yes I was in the front row of a conference, but for once I DID NOT CARE.  

Motherhood is messy in all its truest sense and at all angles, yet to have the priviledge of caring for a little person is worth every ‘caught off guard’ moment!  


Enjoy the Journey,



Picture Before Baby Ate… 




2 thoughts on “Motherhood is Messy

  1. Angela Wezowicz says:

    This story is great! I love it. I thought u were going to post an after pic since you posted a before pic. Hahaha 🙂 u did a great job! Love the outfit!


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