Fair Trade

In a country where we want Fairness, Justice and Everything Just Right…….why oh why do the same principles not apply around the world!!!

~In the United States of America we have the ability and power to effectually change our consumerism, yet we ignore the obvious and live as if we do not know it exists.  Traveling extensively overseas, for more than 10 years, I have seen, touched, lived with, and built relationships with people who work hard just to survive daily.  These individuals I am referring to are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and even children.    Each day these individuals awake to being consumed with thoughts of survival, and of course making money to provide the means of doing so.  What can be done to stop this perpetual cycle of unfairness, INTENTIONALLY LOOK for ways that enhance someone else’s life!  If this was easy the world would work in harmony, yet this is challenging and often difficult to pursue an avenue that requires thought, and yes even extra money.   



Fair Trade What Does It Really Mean? 

  • When you buy products with any of the FAIR TRADE Marks, you support farmers and workers as they improve their lives and their communities. Products bearing these Marks meet the internationally agreed social, environmental and economic Fair Trade Standards.
  • Fair Trade is a people-powered solution to global economic injustice.




~So what can be done to bring effectual change and lasting impact on someone else’s way of life?  For starters becoming a more conscious consumer.  Knowing what you are purchasing and the effects of that purchase.  There are some EVERYDAY items that are purchased continuously by almost everyone, which are coffee, tea, chocolate, bananas, mangoes, & other fresh fruit, which NEED to be exclusively fair-trade.

~Education is another key component with empowering yourself to live a more fair-trade lifestyle.

Click Here For Green America:Fair Trade What You Can Do

~Shopping locally with stores that only support business through fair-trade.  

Click Here For a Fair-Trade Shopping Guide

I am committed to living a higher standard and making sure those that have ‘no voice’ can have one through the purchases I make!  

My Favorite Products Fair-Trade & Locally Made:



Find your passion and work whole-heartedly at being the FAIRNESS so desperately needed in an unfair world!

Be Inspired,








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