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Salvete!  It is always in our children’s best interest to provide enhancing opportunities to enrich their educational experience.  This review of Prima Latina Complete Set which is published by Memoria Press, is the foundation of starting your students on the path of a classical educational approach.  For some, learning Latin can often be difficult or intimidating, yet the journey Prima Latina takes the students on makes Latin very approachable and even lighthearted.              

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~I am always impressed with my student’s ability to absorb most educational materials, and Latin was no different.  My student was able to approach this classical approach to Prima Latina with an open mind, even though at the beginning she was a little hesitant and wondered if this curriculum was going to be too hard.  

My first grade student is in the beginner stages of reading and she was a little confused when we first started working through the student book after watching the instructional portion on the DVD, as the Latin alphabet is slightly different with only 25 letters, than the traditional English alphabet with 26 letters.  Learning the Latin vowels sounds was really tricky for her also, as she struggled to learn the English sounds and much reinforcement was needed.  For several weeks we worked through one lesson slowly with much reinforcement from the flashcards, additional help from the CD and reviewing several questions and answers from our workbook.  Learning Latin was not an easy approach for her, yet by the end of Lesson 5, I was noticing that she was becoming more comfortable repeating Leigh Lowe’s pronunciations, and she was starting to remember the basics of word translations.  Overall my student was definitely challenged by Prima Latina, and learned how to persevere when the teaching became a little difficult to gain a better understanding of Latin.      



Product Description: There are five components that complete the Prima Latina Complete Set:  Teacher Manual, Student Book, Instructional DVD’s, Latina Christiana I Flashcards and CD.  This basic introduction to Christian Latin is intended for grades 1-4, although if you have a struggling learner you many need to approach Prima Latina very slowly, provide much reinforcement which is already built into the curriculum or wait until your child is ready.

Lets Take a Look at What Really Makes This Curriculum Flow…

Teacher Manual Grammar Overview, Student Goals, Pronunciation Rules, 25 lessons with complete answers in each lesson & 5 reviews with complete answers.  Along with instructions as to how to guide your student through each lesson, a sample weekly lesson plan, reproducible vocabulary and grammar drill pages where students can write Latin words and study them on 3 separate days.  Finally, five individual tests complete with answer key.

Student Book Grammar Overview, Student Goals, Pronunciation Rules, 25 lessons and 5 reviews.  Each lesson that the student will read consists of Practical Latin, Vocabulary, Prayers and Derivatives.  The exercise portion is the reinforcement from reading the lesson and from the instructional DVD.  Each exercise consists of review questions, translation, speaking Latin, write and learn.

Instructional DVD’s 3 discs which contain 9 hours of teaching instruction by Leigh Lowe. Each lesson runs 15-20 minutes in length and will cover recitation, review, vocabulary practice and explanation of derivatives.  

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Latina Christiana I Second Edition Flashcards– These flashcards work with the Prima Latina and Latina Christiana Complete Sets.  Each flash card will cover the vocabulary lesson and any derivatives taught on one side and the other side will contain Latin sayings and grammar forms.  They make the vocabulary easy to review with each lesson, and the student can study them throughout the day and in various locations  because they are so compact.

Prima Latina CD– Is an additional resource with a pronunciation guide, songs and prayers.  The songs are extremely beautiful to listen to and each time before a Latin lesson we would listen to the songs, as if we were preparing our minds for that days lesson.  This is another great resource for reinforcing what the student may or may not comprehend already, and can be listened to while driving in the car.

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~With five different components to this curriculum the student will be taught in a way they learn best, whether it be visual, kinesthetic or audio.  There is so much reinforcement, review and ability to work through the material at the student’s pace it will not be difficult to understand what draws those to learn the language of Latin.



~This was our first attempt at using a classical educational approach and Prima Latina helped us engage learning Latin in a way I never thought possible.  What was once a little scary has now become an approachable adventure.  

Learning any foreign language can be a building block to future educational opportunities and Latin is certainly no different!  Whether a student succeeds is a matter of perspective and the approach one takes to help accomplish this.



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