K5 Learning Review

Keeping our minds sharp in the transition of our homeschooling year coming to a close and summer fastly approaching is extremely important to our family.  This review of K5 Learning, which is an online program, is helping us supplement our math and reading lessons and fits perfectly into our already ‘loose routine.’  Unlike any other online program my student cannot wait to work through her math and reading lessons, and is extremely excited to see herself progress from where she first started.  K5 Learning may just be an excellent fit for your family when the summer routine gets a little crazy!    

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~I have not seen my first grader, since we first started school, get so excited about working on her math or completing her reading lessons.  With having her review this K5 Learning online program I have explored an area with her that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.  My student has been so cooperative at completing the math and reading lessons weekly, and has even gone above and beyond by completing several lessons at once.  

This is our first attempt at using ANY online supplemental curriculum, and I have been quite pleased at my student’s ability to work through the program so efficiently.  With the ease of the program she was so successful at manipulating the computer independently, which gave her much-needed confidence in her math and reading skills.  We definitely will be using more computer based programs over the summer, to not only break up our traditional schooling approach, but K5 Learning showed me my student really enjoys learning this way.  

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My favorite component with this program is the progress reports.  After my student completed the initial assessments I received an email stating what level she would begin at once starting the program.  I also have access to how many of the levels she has completed, and the score she received.  So I know exactly what level she is at and the progress she is making.  

The only frustrating part for my student was she stopped halfway through one math level, and the program did not save her finished work, so when attempting to complete another math level she had to re-do the same level over again.  My student learned very quickly ALWAYS complete the level! 

So what makes using this online program so successful for students?

*Watch This Quick Introduction Video to Learn More About K5*

~With complete assessments of reading and math skills for level placement of the student, top-notch lessons and worksheets that the student works through, and progress reports that are emailed to the parents I am not surprised as to why most students are having so much success with this program.

Click Here For a Free Assessment

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~The THREE ELEMENTS that make-up this supplemental programs are: Math, Reading and Spelling.  K5 Math covers various topics which include: numbers, operations, geometry, measurement, time, money, algebraic thinking and data analysis.  K5 Reading covers phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary and reading comprehension.  K5 Spelling improves the students language skills, as this is an advanced spelling and vocabulary program, with a 150,000 words in the database.

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Click Here For a Free 14 Day Trial

Still not sure if K5 Learning is right for your student keep reading:

  • Develops Good Study Habits Early
  • Teaches Independent Working
  • Students Progresses at Their Own Pace
  • Progress Reports Makes For Easy Monitoring of The Student
  • Each Lesson Has Full ‘Spoken’ Instructions
  • Program allows NO Ads, Chat or External Links 
  • Nothing to Download or Install, 100% Online
  • All Educational Content Meets National Standards
  • Program Worksheets are Customized To The Student
  • Based on Student’s Skill Not Their Age or Grade Level
  • Very Interactive
  • Up to 4 Students Per Account 
  • 3 Programs For The Price of One

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Summer is an amazing time for adventures, lots of different experiences and no routine, yet keeping our students minds sharp needs to be of utmost importance!  Providing an online supplemental program that will enhance their math, reading and spelling abilities will benefit them greatly as the new school year approaches, and will provide a little structure in the day. 

I am extremely thankful my student was given the opportunity to experience K5 Learning!

Students Thrive on Routine and It’s Never Too Late To Establish One!


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