Giving Back To The Community With Kids

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” ~ Anthony Robbins

Surrounded by everything we need, we are truly a blessed family, yet my kids are seeing life through a wrong set of eyes.  My children are certainly not any different from most others, and it is imperative that as much as they are given, much is required!  In an effort to help them realize that the world is more than Lego building, buying toys and ‘ALL’ about them, this summer we are taking the time by ‘Giving Back’ to our community.

The ways we are ‘giving back’ may be small in measure, but are plenty BIG to us.  With having 4 kids under the age of 10, ‘giving back’ can only be successful if finding age appropriate venues to contribute our time and energy.  There are so many opportunities available for those seeking out volunteer positions that it can be a little overwhelming!  So with considering my children’s ages I knew that nature and animals would be the areas we would first explore.  After a little research we found some amazing ways to ‘Give Back.’      

~Community Clean The Bay Day was the first place we started.  What an incredible time we had serving our local park in an effort to clean up the litter that somehow finds its way into the Chesapeake Bay.  We were 4 of approximately 6,000 volunteers that day, and the effort put forth to clear away debris from 440 miles of stream and shoreline all in three hours, was really amazing!   



~While other volunteers were walking the shoreline, this was our first experience learning to navigate a kayak, while searching for rubbish.  This was such a simple task for my kids, and they so loved being in nature while learning how to care for the environment.  It was about two hours from start to finish.  I say it was a great success in our effort of ‘Giving Back’ and enjoying the beauty of nature all in one.  A little effort went a long way that day and time well spent on a Saturday morning!



~Our second effort of ‘Giving Back‘ was visiting our local animal shelter once a week to read to the dogs & cats.  What joy it was providing a little love to a four-legged animal that has been abandoned, lost or surrendered.  These animals crave much-needed attention, and the best way to give them some nurturing is sharing our time with them.  



~My readers’ audience had no opinion as to what books were read to them, nor were they picky with the tempo of reading or if the words were sounded out wrong.  ‘Mama Bear’ sat and listened patiently as stories were read and love was given.  The baby kittens were slightly amused as the pages were turned in an effort to show them the pictures.  

~My readers were able to practice some life skills without criticism from anyone, which made the effort priceless.  Oh, and afterwards we were able to just enjoy some very entertaining kittens and walk some wonderful dogs.  




Click Here To Find a Local Animal Shelter Near You


Wherever you live ‘Giving Back’ may look different from what we were able to contribute, yet I am certain as my kids grow so will our community contributions and effort.  

So whatever effort you choose to make with your family, just choose to GIVE!






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