Lets Learn Spanish Review

Hola! Como Estes?

Language is a fascinating gift given to all of us, known for its complex process that needs to be decoded.  When properly deciphered the brain has the ability to decode a foreign language, such as Spanish.  There are three major components in learning any foreign language which are Consistency, Practice and Listening.  So, with much enthusiasm I present to you this review of Educator’s Spanish Collection produced by Whistlefritz.

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With travels ‘far and wide’ our family has seen the need, reason, and how useful speaking fluent Spanish really can be.  Not only does speaking a foreign language greatly enhance your ability to interact with others, but it gives you a glimpse into another person’s culture.  It is so vastly important to give students, at a very young age, the opportunity to speak two or more languages and Whistlefritz plays a vital role in helping accomplish that goal.


Lets Look At The Four Building Blocks That Makes Whistlefritz Truly Unique:

  • Spanish For Kids 5 DVDs These DVDs take you on a complete language immersion journey.  The content presented in each DVD is from a Spanish-speaking native adult or child, and is spoken in a fun, fast-paced, clearly pronunciated, engaging way.  ‘Fritzi’ the animated mouse makes his appearance throughout each episode, which helps keep the focus that learning can be fun!  These videos are fantastic for the audio-visual learner and are approximately 24-30 minutes in length.  Although the DVDs can be watched in any order, it is recommended that the videos be watched in the following order with children 3 or under start with Los Animales and proceed in order, and for children older than 3 start with Adentro y Afuera, then circle back to the earlier videos.  Each DVD contains a specific theme and vocabulary, in addition to the video already teaching greetings, introductions and numbers.  There is a lot of material presented to the child, yet it is not overwhelming.

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  • Spanish Lesson Plans For Kids– The 40 lesson plans reinforce the vocabulary which is already being presented in the DVDs in a more in-depth way.  Each lesson has a description of the focus of that lesson, a goal, objective, vocabulary, materials needed for the activity, guided practice, independent practice, and extension activities.  The content of a lesson is presented to the child in such a concise, simplistic way, that it makes the parent feel adequate enough to provide the instruction.  Approximate time spent on each lesson is 30-40 minutes.  There are also FREE Downloadable Spanish Lessons, which are not repeated in the book but are stand-alone lessons that continue on the Spanish quest.   


  • Spanish Matching Cards– A positively fun way to introduce new vocabulary words, reinforce words already introduced in the DVDs, CDs and lesson plans, all while playing a game.  Your child will never get tired of playing the ever-popular matching game all while learning Spanish at the same time.  These cards really keep learning a language fresh and exciting! 


  • Spanish For Kids CDs– There are three Spanish CDs that accompany the DVDs and lesson plans.  These amazing CDs can be listened to while driving in the car or just playing at home.  Your child will have a hard time not moving their body to the very fun Latin rhythm, and you may just hear them singing along!    

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My kids ages 7 and 5 were absolutely thrilled when presented with each Whistlefritz lesson.  They already love learning Spanish, and found the DVDs so enjoyable that they have asked to watch them over and over again.  They have a wide range of Spanish vocabulary now, and can even say many phrases that would withstand being in a conversation with a native Spanish speaker.  

After the video, we would spend the next 30-40 minutes going over the lesson, talking about what we had just watched, putting together the activity and using our new-found Spanish vocabulary in a conversing way.  For a little added excitement on some days, we would play the matching game, providing reinforcement with what vocabulary we already knew and gaining new vocabulary.  What a splendid way to learn!  

It has been awesome being on this ‘learning a foreign language’ journey with my kids, and we hope to continue on throughout our elementary years and even into high school.  What a gift they could ‘give back’ to society just by speaking a second language, not to mention it could be very marketable someday in their career choice.


Adios Amigos,


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