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SUMMERTIME, made for lazy mornings, ice-cream cones, serious sunshine and of course FLIP-FLOPS!  What is time spent at the beach without some fabulous flip- flops to show off freshly painted toes, and a cold drink to wash away the heat of the day.  Ahhhh, to know my feet can carelessly be free and comfortable at the same time is a double bonus! 

Have you heard of TELIC flip-flops?  If your answer is ‘NO’ keeping reading and let me introduce you to a company that believes in a standard higher than most.


My first encounter with Telic flip-flops has been over three years ago.  I walked into a Natural Grocers in Kansas and there displayed were these bright, bold & squishy flip-flops.  My first reaction was to try them on and test out with my toes what I had felt with my fingers.  The first moment when I try on a pair of shoes my feet will always let me know if the sensation is a ‘yeah’ or a ‘not happening.’  Amazingly, I was surprised to discover these stylish flip-flops were so comfortable, in my price range, and were made in my color selection.  

Here is why I am now a Telic flip-flop owner and always will be!


The technology behind this flip-flop is unlike any other.  The design, comfort, colors, affordability and not to mention made in the USA is all part of the standard that I find incredibly unique, innovative and on the cutting edge of what the American standard should be.

Lets First Talk About The Technology….

  • Heat Activated-as you walk the material the flip-flop is made out of reacts to the temperature of your body, making it fill as if your feet are being pampered with each step.  My feet have never been overly heated, even when worn for several hours on any given day in the intense heat of the coast.
  • Arch Support-each flip-flop is made with an arch support that is supported by a custom deep heel cup which minimizes pressure on the feet and legs.  This by far is the BEST feature about these flip-flops!  I can wear these for long periods of time, several days in a row, hike/bike and walk in them, and my feet and legs do not grow weary.  They withstand the pressure of walking long distances, which for me is so very important in proper footwear.  As a mother of four kids I am on my feet 8+ hours a day, and I find myself in summer wearing flip-flops constantly as for the convenience of slipping on and off.  Until I discovered Telic my feet/legs would ache at the end of the day from lack of arch support.  Now if I don’t have Telic flip-flops on I can instantly feel the difference in support.
  • Novalon® Material-this is a shock absorbing material, has a noticeable bounce back effect, and the material lasts twice as long as the standard shoe.  So what is Novalon®?  It is a unique blend of elasto-polymers, which is what provides the cushioning and elasticity to the flip-flop.  Latex and allergy free, great for those who are sensitive to both of those components.  When the weather heats up the material softens, and reacts to cold by becoming firmer.  Either way my feet feel as if they are walking on pillows!   
  • Textured Footbed-minimizes moisture and allows for air to circulate under each foot.  There is a slight raised area under the toes, which helps keep your foot in place and from slipping forward.  I will attest to the air flow being true, as my feet do sweat in summer, but they never feel overly hot now.          


Read More on Telic Technology



AMERICAN MADE– This is what finalized my decision in making my first Telic purchase.  I have been consciously making decisions regarding my ‘consumerism’ to purchase only from companies made in the USA or that of a Fair-Trade standard.  The standard for Telic is to only make their footwear in the Unites States, even though the production process overseas would have been so much cheaper.  I feel strongly that we NEED to be supporting companies of this nature, to not only keep them in business but to ensure a longevity of paying a livable, fair wage to those individuals making this footwear.  

Here is a quote from the CEO of Telic International “The easiest thing to do would have been to produce Telic sandals overseas, but we made a decision not to go the easy route and committed the necessary investment to bring our production to America.”    

Read More About The Story Behind Telic 


Lets Talk COLORSUnknown

  • From Bold and Sassy to Earth Tones, Telic flip-flops come in a wide variety of colors.  Whether your style is a classic espresso brown like mine or your feeling confident in pink flamingo, either way the comfort will not change!  

Shop The Entire Telic Collection    


I have tried A LOT of flip-flops with different materials over the years, from cloth, plastic, rubber, even rope and I will say none of these can even compare to what I have experienced wearing Telic flip-flops.  It truly is an amazing experience and your feet will thank you once you try them!  

One Small Change Can Have A Lasting Impact!






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