History Can Be Exciting

A day in the life of a historian COULD be the most exciting day of your life!!!

Experiencing history through the written words of Rush and Kathryn Limbaugh made for one thrilling and epic read, while being able to review all five of the Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series created by Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh was ingenious.

For someone, like myself, who in the past has found learning history rather dull, never again would I entertain that idea after reading the Rush Revere Series. 

Rush Revere Books 1_zps9vvbqya3My children and I have learned so much American History just by reading these wonderfully written and illustrated stories.  Filled with truthful facts, timely incidents, exciting and often humorous tales of historical non-fiction.  We feel we have gained so much knowledge and insight into a world that existed ever so long ago.  Of course our favorite character is Liberty the talking horse, through all his metaphors and allegories, which kept us on our toes.  I have never experienced history in such a way as to remember the events, people and places that make America what it is today!


Lets Start By Time Traveling into Another World, Date and Place….


First Stop– Year of 1620 Crossing of the Mayflower (Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims

  • Meet Rush Revere substitute history teacher who after a few set-ups bravely decides to enlighten two students Tommy and Freedom into a time travel field trip while on the back of a horse, ‘rush rush rushing into’ the year of 1620.  This time portal, which only opens to the words ‘rush rush rushing into’ and Liberty the talking horse starts running towards it.  Quite an exciting journey as Tommy and Freedom experience life before the puritans left Holland for religious freedom in the ‘New World.’  The most important part was meeting some of the men, women and children who would forever change the course of American History.  To name a few William and Dorothy Bradford, William Brewster, Myles Standish, and Captain Jones.  Each person will play a significant role in the making of the very difficult voyage crossing the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower for the ‘New World.’  For more than two months life aboard the Mayflower was not easy as 102 passengers, some known as the ‘Puritans’ made their way towards, what is now called Plymouth.  It is here that Tommy and Freedom will get the chance to see how the pilgrims will create the Plymouth colony, learn survival tactics from the Native Americans, and partake in the ever-famous ‘First Thanksgiving,’   As to where they venture next is the suspenseful feeling until you read the next book.           


19260337_10155180661796131_2998522092888815371_nSecond Stop Year of 1765 Boston, Massachusetts (Rush Revere and the First Patriots)

  • Journey alongside Rush Revere, Liberty the talking horse, Tommy, Freedom and Cam as they ‘rush, rush rushing’ back into history to meet some of the extraordinary Americans such as Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry that bravely fought against the arrogant King George III of Great Britain to gain ‘no taxation without representation in the British parliament.’  This book will also familiarize you with Benjamin Franklin his role defending the thirteen colonies in trying to repeal the Stamp Act, and his famous inventions like bifocals and swim fins, although at one point Freedom will think she killed him.  Another figure is the famous Paul Revere, who will eventually venture on his ‘midnight ride.’  This book is filled rebel rousers who will drive back the British government, tensions will then mount, and the ‘Declaration of Independence’ will be declared, which leads to the American Revolution.  


19247911_10155180662116131_319020151537323417_nThird Stop– Year of 1775 Boston, The Old North Church (Rush Revere and the American Revolution)

  • The Manchester Middle School crew is back along with Rush Revere, but this time the central focus is on Cam.  Unhappy about his father leaving for the military and summer school being underway, Cam will have to deal with his feelings and learn the true meaning of freedom.  The crew will time travel back to meet some very important historical figures like Dr. Joseph Warren who aided in Paul Revere’s midnight ride, John Hancock, George Washington and Henry Knox.  The Old North Church will play a very significant role, in helping the people of Charlestown, by signaling that the Redcoats are coming and forever changing the course of history.  Filled with secrets, spies, soldiers, battles and not to mention a few laughs by the ever humorous talking horse Liberty, this is one book you will have a hard time putting down.  You will really appreciate the sacrifices by the brave men who fought long and hard to gain independence from Britain’s control, just to be once and for all FREE!


19149317_10155180662016131_6866741516195395313_nFourth Stop-Year of 1814, Washington D.C. (Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner)

  • Dealing with his grandfather’s illness, our fun-loving Tommy will be the central focus in this book, along with Rush Revere and the rest of Manchester Middle School.  This read will have us encounter some pretty amazing historical people such as Dolly Madison who saved an extremely important painting, George Mason, Betsy Ross, Francis Scott Key and James Madison.  This is where you will read about the ‘Redcoats’ who are making their way to the city of Washington to destroy and burn down everything in its path, just to gain control once again.  You will also encounter some historical landmarks, such as the Union Station, Washington Monument, National Archives, U.S. Capitol, Supreme Court Building of the U.S. and the White House in which these structures will ultimately symbolize FREEDOM and the making of America’s Great Story.  This read will have you truly appreciate the symbolism of our American flag, and once again the sacrifices paid by those men and women who were determined to win the war to be a  FREE COUNTRY!


19366242_10155180661936131_6251518212927143357_nLast Stop– Focuses on American elections, leadership and early presidents (Rush Revere and the Presidency)

  • Cam who is running for student body president, will learn some valuable lessons as he embarks on a journey to acquire some much-needed skills to be a successful leader.  This will be the last time travel adventure for the kids at Manchester Middle School, along with Rush Revere and the ever popular Liberty the talking horse.  This book takes readers all the way back to the founding fathers of our now FREE COUNTRY as we learn about George and Martha Washington, John and Abigail Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  George Washington becomes the first president of the United States, and he will also have the privilege of setting up our government infrastructure to ensure a successful nation in the years to come.  He by far has been the greatest president to ever serve this country.  This book is excellent for teaching readers what one must possess to become a successful leader, how to actually win the hearts of the people and the road leading to the White House, the presidency.  What a fantastic way to conclude this Rush Revere Series!


Some Take Aways:

  • We loved answering the comprehension questions together at the end of books 1-4.
  • We had a great time exploring the Rush Revere website, and there are SO many resources available, such as challenges, scholarships, book club, activity depot, and of a fabulous store to purchase some really fun finds!
  • We also were loving the homeschool study guides, which adds so much more detail to each book.
  • I read these books during our read-aloud times to my 7 and 5 year-old, and my 10 year-old read all five of them independently.  They provide such fantastic conversation starters and lead to some very interesting discussions.      


I was truly impressed with how these books present American History in such an adventurous, lively, humorous and practical kind of way.  My kids and I have learned that history is never dull if re-told in a way that leads the reader to become an explorer on their own afterwards.  I am ever thankful that we were able to review such amazing non-fiction stories, and journey with Rush Revere and Liberty the talking horse through a few hundred years and watch how America actually became such a GREAT Country!

Freedom Has Not Always Been Free!



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