Grocery Shopping

Gone are the days when I could get in and out of a store in less than an hour.  Most times I feel as if it takes me an hour just to get out everyone out of the car, the stroller situated, remembering the cloth bags and keeping everyone alive as we walk through the parking lot.  

Phew!  I’m exhausted just thinking about grocery shopping, let alone actually walking into the store.  I used to find grocery shopping a relief, my solitude, a place to hide from anyone needing me, and NOW its a football scrimmage where the coach (that would be me) has a play by-play move.


~As a family of six keeping food in the house is no small task, and anyone with little people knows exactly what I am talking about.  So grocery shopping is a fairly consistent outing with nursing baby in tow.  I am not sure how the other three always manage to come along, but somehow they do, which then we become a most amusing spectacle of entertainment.  

A Typical Shopping Trip Includes:

  • Taking over the entire aisle, because we feel it is our duty to defend the entire section of produce from anyone or anything getting in the path of our family and the bananas.   
  • Making sure whoever is pushing the shopping cart crashes into a least one person’s ankles, causing extreme pain to soar through their entire body and blood to be released. 
  • Breaking a world record by telling your little person ‘NO’ you may not have that 300 times in less than a minute. 
  • Always competing to get to the free sample first.  AND sampling does not mean eating the entire sample just because the store has more on the shelf!
  • Thinking that everyone in the store has the same idea as you, to play bumper carts every time you round an aisle.
  • Becoming an ‘octopus’ at checkout, with arms flying in all directions, even though you explained several times that it is important to have self-control.  ALL hope is lost while just trying to pay for the groceries!
  • Giving an explanation to the cashier that you are stocking up for ‘Armageddon,’ just because your cart is overflowing with items.
  • Finding in your grocery bag, after you have left the store, driven all the way home, unpacked, that you have accidentally stolen an entire case of granola bars.  Of course after calling the store they want it returned, because that’s what we want to do with all our spare time is GO BACK!


And that my friends is a typical experience, humorous as it seems it is a day in the life of ME!  I didn’t even mention what the husband is doing through all of this, maybe because he is waiting for clean-up on aisle 9 as the stand that sells honey has been re-arranged by the shopping cart sending honey bottles flying in all directions complete with caps breaking off.  

There truly is ‘Never a Dull Moment!’  

Even though I would LOVE to walk through the grocery store, as peaceful as some of those people with their three items, I wouldn’t trade my entertaining experience for anything……..

Until Next Time,








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