Unmet expectations almost always reveals the depth of a broken relationship.  Miscommunications happen, the inability to ‘lean’ towards the other person, unwilling efforts for a resolution, which forces the distress of the situation to become even greater.  Our ‘human-ness’ is what unites us as a people, yet it is also what causes the most infallible discord.  One must reason with self to forgive, when no apology has been offered.       


Oh, the power that Forgiveness carries.  One does not realize such power until placed in a situation that forces immediate actions of the heart.  The amazing freedom experienced when the heart is released is beyond words of actions.  

For-give-ness is defined as the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven.

imagesThis emotion evoked when called upon to forgive, when no wrong is ‘due to us,’ is beyond explainable.  There becomes an emotional, mental and physical release for the one who chooses to forgive.  Its a choice that is not easily given, but must happen! Without forgiveness one becomes a ‘prisoner’ in the mind of your own soul and there is no escape.

Starting with a ‘consciousness of choice’ is a beginning to the healing that takes place, when forgiveness has been declared.  It is truly remarkable how just making the decision to forgive another’s err releases oneself in the continuation of living in freedom.  Bitterness and resentment take up no permanent residence in the soul either.  Of course the initial ‘decision’ is easy, what is not is the daily reminders which can often become a point of strain as time goes on.

Letting ‘Divine Providence’ intervene in the situation requires a submission of our ‘freewill.’ Releasing control, and letting a ‘Higher Way’ is unnatural for most.  Most often we have convinced ourselves that we are ‘wise in our own eyes,’ and have the capability to relinquish any plan outside of our own.  Yet unmistakably the reasons of failure are created by our own hands, even with a carefully crafted outcome.  Only ‘Divine Providence’ has the necessary resources to fully enlighten the one who is in the wrong.  As humans we are not capable of making infallible decisions that are for the best interests of others.  We NEED a ‘Higher Way.’  

Choosing to Let Go is Wise………….



Withdrawing for a season may be a necessary boundary placed for the ‘healthy-ness’ of one’s soul.  Choosing to ‘walk away’ or ‘release’ someone from your life is by far the hardest decision sometimes practiced.  Yet it can be essential in the restoration process.  When injustice happens at any level, one is responsible for bringing back a sense of balance.  What that looks like is vastly different for each individual, and only self-awareness of what one needs brings about the most effective change.  The one being released may not understand all the entities as to why, yet being okay with the final decision will take a greater maturity.  Re-engaging with that individual will be a positive CHOICE, as one will have a greater sense of boundaries placed.  The season of separation may last for longer than expected, but true forgiveness is a process and not to be rushed prematurely.

There are no words to describe the beauty that transforms the life which now possesses……FREEDOM!


‘Wrongs’ will always happen in relationships, as we are just human beings incapable of living peacefully together.  The ‘brokenness’ that is experienced out of unmet expectations, causes emotions to surface in far greater ways than ever imagined.  

Let not the emotion of ‘unforgiveness’ derail you from one’s greater sense of purpose in life!


Make Every Possible Attempt to Forgive…..











4 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Kym Thorpe says:

    Being able to forgive someone even though they haven’t asked for it or even acknowledged how they’ve wronged me has been a very hard thing to do – but very freeing. *I* choose not to carry that burden with me any more. By forgiving, it’s no longer mine. Great post!


  2. Annette V says:

    i get it. forgiveness isn’t always so cut and dried. Sometimes you need to forgive before it’s even requested or even thought about. You just have to let it go…. God calls us to it.


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