Phonics Fun DVD **GIVEAWAY**

3590164It’s that time of year again, WELL almost, and dare I say back to school mode.  If your like me I avoid even thinking about school, school supplies, packing lunches, organizing, homeschool curriculum or anything else that would make my brain say summer is over!  So lets pretend the stores have no school supplies, already on the shelves, and have a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY instead!   

Introducing a brand new way to learn phonics and word-building skills with the help of Twiki and Twini, in Kiwi Season One DVD and enter to win your very own copy.  (See Below For Details)

Twiki and Twini will instantly be your child’s favorite clay animation characters, as they are taken on a journey encountering different objects along the way.  They will be taught to spell each word in a phonetic way, with illustrative letters that resemble that word.  For instance the word ‘blue’ will spelled out using only blue letters and ‘birthday’ will be spelled out using candles, stripes, and party hats.  This DVD is really lighthearted and keeps learning fun and interactive.  

With a total of 26 delightful stories your child will learn more than just words.

Running Time Approximately: 135 minutes 

Suggested Audience:  Pre-school thru Early Elementary


Meet Twiki and Twini–Watch the Trailer Here:


~Educational experiences should always be presented in a creative way, and using media to help reinforce what the child is already learning is an added bonus.  This is one DVD that will definitely be watched again and again.  Sit back, relax and let your child’s mind be delighted as they encounter the antics of Twiki and Twini, knowing this is one DVD that’s more than just entertainment.      


*As an added bonus for reading you can also win a copy of Mily Miss Questions.


Journey with 8-year-old Mily as she continually asks questions about life, people and the world around here.  She is inquisitive to say the least, and there are 24 different episodes relating to everyday life that need problem solving.  If there is a problem that peeks her interest then she becomes Mily detective and begins investigating the case.  There is a lot of social skill exploration, as well as confidence building and learning to be uniquely YOU!  

Running Time Approximately: 175 minutes

Suggested Audience: Upper Elementary thru Middle School


Meet Mily Miss Questions–Watch the Trailer Here:


Tweens and Pre-teens will surely appreciate the situations Mily Miss Questions finds herself in, and may even be able to relate to her quandaries.  The details in the animation are a little precarious, but conveys the meaning overall.

Sometimes we all need a little downtime, and providing children with entertainment that either stimulates their mind with spelling, or causes them to think about situations with Mily differently is well worth watching.


Now for the fun part with the GIVEAWAY of Kiwi Season 1 & Mily Miss Questions DVD!


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Good Luck & Thanks For Reading!




  • Contest Starts 7/26/17 Ends 8/2/17
  • No P.O. Boxes Please
  • U.S. Residents Only
  • Winner Will be Randomly Selected
  • Prize will be shipped in 4-6 weeks by NCircle
  • Review is my honest opinion & I have not been compensated in any way


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