In The Reign Of Terror

“If we are not a ‘careful’ people history is destined to repeat itself.”

My family sat spellbound as we listened to and reviewed Heirloom Audio Productions newest release of the most, In the Reign of Terror.  Never have I heard the story of the French Revolution re-told in such a way that it grips your heart.  The very core of who you are is left with questions as to how such a people could bring themselves to sheer ruin in a sadistic mob-like manner.  Brace yourself as you prepare to listen to the most exciting, engaging and stirring audio drama ever, you will be left speechless!      

In the Reign of Terror Cover Image_zpsfupir0om“More than anything else, it is important to study history.” ~B.B. King

As we time traveled back to the year of 1793, one rainy Saturday morning, our minds met Mr. George, Harry, Monsieur Tillet, The Marquis’s Family and several other characters as we listened to In the Reign of Terror.  We found ourselves in midst of one of the darkest times in French history, and the weather outside as we listened, was fueling how we already felt about this historical time, dreary!

 Story Overview:

At the beginning of the story Mr. George, who is walking through Arlington National Cemetary, meets 16-year-old Harry as they are both searching for the same gravestone.  As the conversation between the two of them continue, Harry quickly realizes Mr. George is English, and knows quite a lot of historical information regarding the ‘American Revolution,’ or as George would call it ‘America’s Declaration of Independence.’  He explains to Harry that there is vast difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution, and one should never compare the two.  To make the distinction between the two, one war included the Sovereignty of God and the other did not.  Harry is most intrigued by the French’s historical ‘reign of terror’ and Mr. George proceeds to tell a story to him regarding that time period.  

Our story picks up as Harry, another boy of 16, is preparing to leave England bound for France, working as an English tutor at Marquis’s Chateau in Burgundy.  At first Marquis’s children are hesitant to accept this English boy into their family, but a turn of events lead them to open their hearts and minds.  In the coming days and months Paris continually becomes a city of unrest as the people are uprising against the King.  Marquis then decides, by his own volition, to join the king in fighting those commoners that haven grown so restless.  

This is where our story begins to take a turn for the worst, and the days in France become darker than ever known before.  Marquis realizes that his family is in imminent danger, and decides to send his children away from France.  His two sons are sent to the coast of France, to try and make their way to England.  The girls were sent to their former nurse maids place of residence, and Harry rents an apartment in a lowly part of Paris.  As Robespierre (a chosen representative by the king for the common people) continues with his illicit plan to gain control of the noble families of France by exploiting the commoners, the ‘hearts’ of France are filling with ‘vengeful’ hate.  The city of Paris is turning into a massacre by those thirsty for noble blood.  

Harry eventually returns to his beloved England, but not before he encounters situations of attack, arrest, grief and masterminded trickery.  

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 8.09.44 PMThe Story ends with Mr. George and Harry sitting in retrospect of all that has happened with the French during that historical time.  Harry asks one last question ‘Whatever happened to Robespierre?’  He is given an answer that will ‘SURPRISE’ anyone who has not yet learned the history of the French.     


This audio is filled with lies, deceit, manipulation, violence and unjustly situations, BUT “What man intends for evil, God intends for good.”  It is truly the Sovereignty of God that stopped the slaughtering of those that were innocent, and turned their stone-cold hearts into a repentant state. 

Quick Facts:

  • 2 1/2 Hours of Non-Stop Adventure
  • 2 Compact Disc Set
  • Ages: 6-Adult
  • Downloadable Study Guide
  • Live The Adventure Club, which consists of online listening, kids activities/games, educational treasures, and resources/articles. 


~One bonus feature of this amazing audio production is the downloadable study guide.  Here is where you will find so many extras, such as how to answer the questions provided with listening well, thinking further and defining words.  This guide has a two-fold approach, with a discussion for younger students or written text for older ones.  Either way it has been specifically designed to accompany the parent with finding the answers for the questions that will be asked.  Added in are ‘Expand Your Learning’ boxes that give more background information about that time period.Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 8.47.36 PM

This study guide takes learning to a whole new level, and incorporates all learning styles.  Reading comprehension and understanding will no longer be an issue as you progress through each track. 



Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 9.13.23 PMTraveling to France makes listening to this audio truly come alive in ways unimaginable.  I felt personally connected to the places mentioned like Paris and Versailles, as I have walked where Marie Antoinette lived at one time.  Being able to share Heirloom Audio Productions, In the Reign of Terror with my children was like giving them a gift of history in a most dramatic and powerful way.  They shall not forget what happened to the people of France, how God Sovereignly intervened, and the important story needing to be told……..So as history shall not repeat itself.


Take to Heart What You Learn!



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