August Explore Your Imagination **GIVEAWAY**

Imagination is the greatest gift a child has in their possession.  Their ability to create is absolutely limitless.  AND……it is completely unnatural to harness such ability, so let it completely be what it was meant to be, FREE!

Meet Lily, of Lily’s Driftwood Bay, she is a delightful character that you might find yourself watching along with your little one.  The imagination sparked by Lily will keep your ‘little’ pleasantly engaged for hours.

I am pleased to share this Lily’s Driftwood Bay Season 1 DVD Review with you, AND **GIVEAWAY** a copy to one Lucky Reader! (See Details Below)

3590160How often do you find yourself searching for wholesome children’s entertainment, whether it be at the library, store, friend’s house, Netflix, or red box, and upon viewing it becomes a BIG disappointment.  

What you thought was going to be a great hour to yourself, turns into chaotic downtime of having to preview the DVD with your little instead or completely turning it off.  With Lily’s Driftwood Bay, you can completely trust that your child will be viewing wonderful stories, that are creative, imaginative, playful and filled with characters full of lighthearted joy.

Even my 10-year-old became engaged in watching some of the stories with my 7 & 5-year-old.  “You know for this being a younger show, I really like how Lily uses her imagination to pop in and out of Driftwood Bay.  She is really creative.”  ~Z said.


 Lily & her best friend Gull, wait for the sea to wash up a new adventure each day, which in return triggers her quite extensive imagination to Driftwood Bay.  These are lively short stories, that are full of hidden truths, such as learning how to always be honest, learning to say I’m Sorry, and finding great ways to ask for help!  

  • 2 Disc DVD Set
  • 52 Stories
  • New Vocabulary to Learn in Each Story
  • English Accents That Will Engage All Listeners
  • Over 6 Hours of Delightful Entertainment
  • Recommended for Ages Toddler thru Elementary




So come along on an adventure with Lily, Salty Dog, Bull, Nonna, Hatsie, Wee Rabbit and Lord Stag, while you sail away to Driftwood Bay and find your way into imaginative play!

Click Here To Watch Some Highlights


Children are only little once, so let them giggle, laugh, and amuse themselves with Lily and her friends.  My children have grown to love Lily and all that her imagination can spark, I’m sure your’s will too! 

Let loose the power of imagination in your little one, as they explore the world of Driftwood Bay with Lily and her friends.  Afterwards you may find Driftwood Bay come alive in your home, and see the effects of seeing is believing!


Now for the fun part with the GIVEAWAY of Lily’s Driftwood Bay Season 1 DVD.


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Good Luck & Thanks For Reading!




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  • No P.O. Boxes Please
  • U.S. Residents Only
  • Winner Will be Randomly Selected
  • Prize will be shipped in 4-6 weeks by NCircle
  • Review is my honest opinion & I have not been compensated in any way




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