Baby’s First Christmas & Gift Guide

Magical moments are formed when a baby is born……AND our endless love showers this precious bundle with unlimited presents nearly year round.  As Christmas approaches keeping it simple is especially difficult when baby is no longer the first child, but the fourth.

When siblings already have everything here is a practical guide to ensuring that baby receives a few presents, without unnecessary buying!    

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 12.07.27 PMThroughout the year I keep a running list, and photo log, as to possible options for gift ideas.  However, with this being my fourth baby, and celebrating her first Christmas I was stumped as to buying her anything.  

The practicalities of showering her with presents is not realistic anymore……Yet my conscience, and her siblings, would so enjoy watching this little one engage with the ‘Magical Sparkle’ that Christmas brings.

Here is MY FAVORITE compiled list for baby’s first Christmas, OR if your just needing some extra ideas….



  • Indestructables100% baby proof, chew-proof, rip-proof & drool proof.  Made from non-toxic paper like material and machine washable.
  • Bilibo– Uniquely designed for open-ended creative play & great for sitting, spinning, and climbing on.
  • Pop Up Activity– A classical toy that provides baby with endless opportunities to explore, and learn by trial and error.
  • Taggies– What baby doesn’t love tags, and objects that crinkle…My personal favorite!!
  • Oombee Cube– Explore, sort & discover shapes and textures using fine motor skills.
  • Water Blocks– Build, stack & let baby enjoy the movement of the water.




Enjoying moments of simplicity with baby is MORE important than what is bought!  Keeping it simple is key…….AND remember, in the end, baby will only really know the love shown to them, not the gifts purchased.


Enjoy The Magical Moment!






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