Magic Stix Perfect For Any Artist (GIVEAWAY)

Behind each moment of ‘self-expression’ is a bold color telling a story from the imagination of the artist.  With a blank canvas, age becomes irrelevant when creativity is presenting itself as straightforward, as it oftentimes does.  

Of course every artistic expression needs optimal resources that perform without hesitation.  With choosing Magic Stix Washable Markers every artistic whim is fulfilled to its utmost potential.  EVEN if the cap has been forgotten, and the marker itself has been exposed to air for 7-days, the results of ink performance are GUARANTEED!

I am SO EXCITED to offer my readers a chance to WIN their very own set of 12 Magic Stix Markers, generously provided by The Pencil Grip.     

25396073_10155698171791131_6539859231026081125_nAs a mom of four kids I have A LOT in my homeschooling schedule, especially when one child is constantly creating self-expressed masterpieces.  

Most times our table is strewed with markers, unattended for days, caps scattered about the floor, and when eventually pieced together into the trash it goes, as the marker has completely dried out.  

It is a never-ending cycle of markers drying out, yet needing to be used at that very moment, THANKFULLY my problem is now solved with Magic Stix Markers.  

Skeptical at first……..However I was willing to test this claim to see if these markers could  really withstand being left out for 7-days, with ‘NO CAP.’  

Their GUARANTEE proved to be TRUE, and has now revolutionized what markers we use from now on!!!



With their fine tip it is effortless for little hands to firmly grip the marker, and control where the color needs to be.  The colors are bold & brilliant, with small amounts of ‘bleeding’ through the paper.  






What causes these markers to be absolutely amazing is their superior performance of staying moist, even when caps are left off.  With being odorless, washable & non-toxic, they are perfect for anyone to create endless masterpieces.  

  • Available in 12 & 24 packs


To purchase Magic Stix Washable Markers Click Here 


For my family expressing and utilizing our creative skill, and imagination, is extremely important for producing works of art that behold beauty & emotional power by the artist.  

Having a resource, such as Magic Stix Washable Markers, accompany our artistic whims and with virtually no-mess I worry less, and unleash the imagination more……..AND these are perfect for gift-giving!





Now for the AMAZING opportunity to win your very own Magic Stix 12 pack!


Click Here for Rafflecopter    




  • Contest Starts 12/20/17 Ends 12/27/17
  • No P.O. Boxes Please
  • U.S. Residents Only
  • Winner Will be Randomly Selected
  • Prize will be shipped by The Pencil Grip, Inc.
  • Review is my honest opinion & I have not been compensated in any way



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