Making Lemonade In Life’s Disappointments

A carefully planned road-trip for cherishing family togetherness with laughter, joy and out of the ordinary daily routines.  Yet, LIFE gets in the way disrupting the peaceful thoughts of such occurrences from happening……AND now what to do with saddened hearts of kids eager to seek an adventure and one sulking momma…..MAKE LEMONADE!

Noone ever intentionally asks to be put in situations that test their character usually occuring at the worst possible times.  Especially four days before Christmas when bags are packed and the excitement lingers of seeing long-distance family.  

However your served LEMONS, do what it takes to make the sweetest LEMONADE possible!!!

Of course my kids and I sulked for an hour or two, then we ate ice-cream, because somehow sugar takes the bitter edge off of unfortunate events that happen.

So with an unplanned ‘staycation,’ we choose to find possibilities that would let our hearts be at peace again……….Plan for Nothing Ordinary!

  • Eat Waffles & Icecream for Breakfast
  • Take a Tour of a Nearby Historic Site 
  • Plan a Fun Outing or Visit a National Park
  • Take a 2-Hour Drive Anywhere
  • Play Endless Board Games
  • Bake Cookies 
  • Backyard Camping
  • Swim at a Nearby YMCA


Of Course Don’t Forget To Make Lemonade……

(6-Lemons, 6-Cups Water, 1-Cup Sugar)

~Place sugar in 1 cup of boiling water to dissolve, then combine all ingredients together




It is not always simple to get out of a ‘funky’ mood, because oftentimes our minds are disengaged from our hearts……AND we want to linger in our disappointments.  Yet kids need to know how to properly deal with ‘life misfortunes,’ and making the best out of unplanned situations.  

It really is a matter of perspective, and the expectation of what was supposed to be.  If your like me an adventure can be anywhere, anytime, anyplace…..Make the Most of It!





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