Why I Stopped Making New Year’s Resolutions & Started Forming Positive Changes!

That time of year when everyone begins, or somewhat thinks about, making lifestyle changes.  Whether it be incorporating a new habit or modifying an old one, either way ‘change is in the air.’  I find there is one major FLAW to all of these New Year’s Resolutions, CONSISTENCY to continue on after the enthusiasm wanes!

Realistically speaking, much mental pleasure exists in knowing changes will enhance the very core of who we are…….YET diligence, hard work, & perseverance are the components needed to ‘brave’ this year-long endeavor.

AND…..How many people actually say after January 31st they have continued on with the ‘resolution’ made?  

Life Happens!!!  Busyness takes over again, and those so-called New Year’s Resolution go out the window.      

~Of course for me after having kids I STOPPED making New Year Resolution’s, for one reason alone I FELT LIKE A FAILURE when my resolution went by the wayside…..AND I needed no more ‘mom guilt’ incorporated into my life.

Setting SIMPLE ACHIEVABLE GOALS is much easier than trying to eliminate an old habit to master a new one, Here’s Why…..30-days is what it takes to form a new positive habit, and that’s without any interference.  Add a few kids, pets, household responsibilities, careers, endless kid’s activities, and we have set ourselves up to fail, before the CHANGE even rooted into our lives.




Here Are Some Very PRACTICAL Positive Changes:

  • Instead of vowing to eat ‘healthy,’ whatever that entails, try eliminating dyes, partially hydrogenated/fractionated oils, high-fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, preservatives and artificial ingredients.
  • Instead of ‘boxed eating,’ try incorporating more ‘real foods,’ such as fresh, whole grain, & raw.
  • Instead of white/wheat bread, try sprouted.  Trader Jo’s makes fantastic soft sprouted breads my kids really like!
  • Instead of vegetable oil, try coconut oil.
  • Instead of processed candy, try switching to dark chocolate.
  • Instead of coffee, soda or other caffeinated morning beverage, try Crio Bru, which gives the same energy boost, but naturally!
  • Instead of watching television after dinner, try traditional board games or puzzle building.
  • Instead of committing to exercising daily, try 15-minutes of meditation or 30-minutes 3x’s a week of yoga, walking, biking, running etc….
  • Instead of staying inside all winter, try a new outdoor activity. (paint the snow with spray bottles, take a winter walk, go to a nature center, snowshoe, build a fort)
  • Instead of feeling the ‘winter blues,’  try diffusing essential oils, take extra vitamin D, play music, and breathe in fresh air.
  • Instead of sickness taking over, try opening windows for 5-minutes once a week, wash hands frequently, use a humidifier, AND get plenty of sleep.
  • Instead of rehydrating with sugar drinks, try adding True Lemon flavors to your water.
  • Instead of feeling like you can’t do any of these, try choosing 1 POSITIVE CHANGE!


Real Life Story

~A conversation with a friend, led to a confession that for lunch she ate a snickers bar.  I could tell she was feeling really horrible about it, and knowing she needed to lose weight, the choice she made for her body was not so good.  So without thinking I handed her a bottle of water, looked her straight in the eyes and said ‘what’s done is done, you can’t change what you did, so drink some water, and try again!’  She was so surprised by my response and couldn’t believe someone would give her such a positive way in dealing with such negative emotions.  


Change can be SIMPLE and not as complex as we oftentimes make it!


Time, energy, and money will only go so far before ‘fizzing out,’ leaving behind discouragement & disappointment.  AND……An over-extension of self, brings on mental misery, which ultimately isn’t worth committing to anything in the first place.  Set yourself up for success by integrating the word TRY into your life, the results bring about positive changes instead.  

SO…..Whatever the New Year brings, be sure to only commit to what really matters!









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