Judge Less, Love More

Have you ever pondered why Babies & Pets are two of the simplest ‘life forms’ to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY & WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS?

Could it be their only interaction is with sounds and body language, OR is it simply because they judge not on appearance, financial status, social position, ethnicity or religion.  The fact is CLEAR babies & pets LOVE with their whole being regardless……  

Un-con-di-tion-al-ly is defined as without conditions or limits.

~In any given social setting, whether it be publicly or private and without cause, judgments are placed whether we acknowledge it or not.  The comparison game is played amongst other women, and men, and we become subjected to self-doubt in our minds.

Other times we place unrealistic expectations on people, that they will NEVER be able to fulfill, nor should they.  

It is out of our own ‘neediness’ and insecurities that bring about judgements instead of unconditional love for where a person is at.

To stop the endless cycle of making ‘judgement calls’ one must first recognize the inability to see beyond the surface, & then deepen our awareness that we were never given any power of superiority over another human being!




We have so much to learn…..AND if we are willing to take the time we can gain a little knowledge & understanding from each ‘little person’ and ‘fuzzy creature’ that make this world a better place!


Ways To Keep A Positive Perspective:

  • Check in with your thought patterns, do you assume someone else’s way of thinking or go along with negative thoughts about someone.
  • Maintain a Positive Perspective, negative emotions rewire the brain and ultimately impacts your health.
  • Steer Clear of Stereotyping, oftentimes we misjudge someone without gaining a factual understanding.
  • Focus on YOU First, certainly you do not have it all together, so grace is to be given when you see someone trying.
  • Acknowledge Feelings Are Involved, remembering how it feels to be judged is less likely a reason to judge in the first place.     


To be around those who consistently make ‘judgment calls’ based on certain criteria and standards is to be subjected to a life oppressed by people who have only THEIR best interest in mind.  

Expectations, of what ‘should have been done,’ are reserved only for the receiver…..AND instead of unconditional love, a premature judgment is placed.

Those warm ‘bundles of goodness’ called babies, and fuzzy family members reserve no right to criticize, and solely base their feelings on innocent love.  With one goal in mind to love & be loved……..How we ALL could use this life lesson for making this world a more excellent place to be!

Love Unconditionally…




Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 7.18.40 AM





7 thoughts on “Judge Less, Love More

  1. Annette V says:

    I agree we should just less, but think the problem most people have in life is that they’re focusing on themselves too much and on God not enough. The more you see God the more he changes your perspective about the people he brings into your life


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